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The Tea Party Manifesto

The Tea Party Manifesto is Already Published and in Existence Without Having to Rewrite it Thanks to the Collected Quotes of Thomas Jefferson Liberals Clinging to Their Atheism, Their Marxist Ideology and New Age Religious Impulses Must Cringe when They Read These Quotes by Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was Modern Before Modernity! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . I was once told by a professor that If I was a contemporary of Thomas Jefferson I probably would not have liked him very much. That maybe true. In real life he was a bit of a hypocrite and he was a bit power hungry. Jefferson did create a revolution that would out live him. He created a revolution that would be imitated but never replicated and he helped to turn a third world country into a major world power in less than 200 years. Jefferson put an emphasis on his own right to achieve happiness above all else and that same message is what turned China into a major world industrial power from a failed popular welfare state. Jefferson was clearly speaking about his own self interests as most of the founding fathers of the United States of America Were. They found words like "pursuit of happiness" to support their own rights to retain and administer their own affairs and private property. The reason why private property rights were enshrined in the United States Constitution is because of the form of government that the founding fathers already knew. Jefferson said, "History, in general, only informs us what bad government is." History was preserved back at that time going back to well before the Roman Emperor. Today as European royal family members still place flowers at the tomb sit e of Julius Caesar in the eternal city Rome to celebrate the concept that they are themselves living representatives of God on Earth, Jefferson and the other founding fathers of the United States of America were making a complete break from that history with the declaration of independence and more importantly the Constitution. The revolution was not a war it was a whole new set of ideas that were designed to prevent the inevitable had Britain retained governance over the colonies. The tax on tea was something of a small irritation to trifle with a petty revolution over. It was the pursuit of happiness that spawned the revolution which was the right to retain not just a tea excise tax but the right to compete against the British trade monopoly. American shippers at the time could bring tea into the colonies but they did so as contraband and risked punishment of death for what was official black market smuggling. Smuggling of Tea! That was just one complaint. History was the bigger longer term complaint. Modern Britain was founded by the glorious savage King Henry the 8th who thrust the country into its future of world empire financed by merely taking the assets of well to do British Families and of the Catholic Church and adding those assets to the property of the Estate of the King. The reformation served Henry the Eight as a great easy excuse to grab huge estates of property with the least possible Resistance having a good cause to do so. The sad habit of Emperors and kings with their dynasties in Europe was that they had the power to redistribute wealth as they pleased usually doing so to further their own financial expenditures and to consolidate property in their own hands. Nothing at all had changed by the time the 1700s. The British could land a ship at an American colonial port and essentially shanghi any able young men into service on a ship that they could grab. The Right to bear arms was something based actual reoccurring events. The British in the Name of King George could find that a family like Jefferson was making good money mining gold and come in with enough troops and transfer ownership to King George himself. That is what the pursuit of happiness meant to the colonist. Having the right to the happenstance of private ownership without the risk of having to swear allegiance to the King to avoid having the property seized by a contemporary King or by a price as a future King. Thomas Jefferson said it pretty clearly: "A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." It is just the exact opposite that Saul Alinski, President Obama and the Huffington post are saying! They say "Government was be big enough to give you everything you want or at least everything you deserve and it must be strong enough to take everything you have." The Marxists ideology is actually a complete undermining of everything the founding fathers of America had in mind. In terms of pursuit of happiness the socialists declare that each should get what he deserves to get as formulated by the directives of tyrannical rule as Marx called the authority the dictator of the proletariat. That is a Caesar essentially if you know your European history. It is completely antithetical to Thomas Jefferson saying: "An educated person knows his rights and knows how to defend them." In what socialist country are people supposed to contest big government policy? We have a president in power who said in the election that Americans wrongly cling to their guns, religion and private property rights and he claims to be a constitutional law expert! Not only are Americans supposed to cling to their guns as it is a right it is their duty in the constitution to cling to that right. Why would it be a right if you could not defend it...to which Thomas Jefferson actually said, "The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it!" Understanding the great world of European Socialism today as the model for what the US government should be like is supposedly what the Liberals in Congress and the Huffington Post have in mind for our future--But is it really liberal or is it anti liberal. Isn't liberal about having liberty? And why if these people are so liberal do they think that we need so much less liberty? Thomas Jefferson had the answer when he said "An educated person knows the ways of the human heart so well he is tough to cheat or fool." Americans are not fooled by what the so called liberals want. They want your power and wealth for their own means. The liberal environmentalists demonize private property rights looking to seize private lands were nature was not just accidentally preserved but not in the hands of Big government that rapes it completely any chance it gets. The liberal idea of is of big government teaching impossible Utopian ideals instead of actually educating people. They want to teach people to be receptive to be dependent on bigger and bigger government for everything that it takes not government the truly educated to get which was also said by Thomas Jefferson: "An education person possesses useful knowledge. He can ride , hunt ,sail a boat (and build one) , build a house , grow food...." The liberal answer to this is that we need stimulus funding directed to the least educated who will blow the money fastest with no long term yield. Education is failing in most of America at considerable expense. We just saw it fail on a grand scale with the sub prime mortgage crisis as few public schools ever bother to teach practical mathematics involved in helping people to understand what a mortgage actually is. The only job training I received in public school was how to type and the rules of the road for driving a car. Schools teach virtually nothing of real estate law or basic contract law for business development by individuals. Students have to bear more exposure to Marxist concepts in the class room up the ladder into higher education all the way though graduate school before they ever receive anything as practical as job training. When job training becomes an issue it is targeted by the liberals as some kind of in disguise slush funding or refunding for special interests. Government is absolutely unable to predict where the jobs will be or what to train for since they create none of the industry but instead outfit fancy offices with state of the art designer furnishings to make life livable for government employees who spend their time in a kind of waiting room where they pretend to get work done so they are able to become vested in even more lucrative future retirement benefits that taxpayers cannot afford to pay even to their own workers yet alone in higher and higher taxes. According to the liberals and the Huffington Post Thomas Jefferson is just an Original American Terrorist when he says, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government" which is why we have President Obama now apologizing for American abuses in civil rights as if this country behaves as badly as Communist China! Jefferson was even so modern as to be against socialize medicine, Obama care and the government regulating our diet when he actually said, "Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now..." Oh and the inconveniences of too many people having too much liberty! Thomas Jefferson said, "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." If you have ever been a visitor at a zoning and public planning meeting convinced by elected liberals their entire concern is that people have far too much liberty to subdivide property lots and they can built homes in distant suburbs where they may harm the environment according to the prevailing ideology de jour. The whole Obama care health plan is all about preventing people from having too much liberty. The government will ration the health care starting with 28,000 pages of legislation that the senators refused to read before passing it with the intention of turning those 28,000 pages of regulations against personal liberty into a thousand times as many! Thomas Jefferson said, "The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits" Obama says "I will change Americans not America" What is left for personal freedom with this attitude? The president does not understand the popular Resistance to his big ideas but then he seems only to know how to run for election as a politician and not how to govern but that is only because we don't understand tyranny as well as Europeans do. Imagine Thomas Jefferson debating President Obama saying this, "I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious." Obama is for the parasites and the president claims like president Clinton did that taxes lead to government investment. When we all watched in horror as Katrina destroyed New Orleans and the welfare state completely failed there when the City ware housed the people in the super dome instead of getting them out of town along with the rest of the evacuees. Not only did the welfare system fail but the public planning administration failed to maintain the levees. The army corp of engineers invested money in a big fancy new office building while it knew the old levees would not hold up to a 100 year flood event. Afterwords no one gets fired but bike paths for environmentalists and recreation were build atop failing levees to a standard that would make Europeans envious. The thing most people reviewing the history of the catastrophe of Katrina in New Orleans miss is that government helped create the city below sea level giving residents the false sense of security that it was safe to build there given the protective levees. The government spent billions on warfare for the people they must have intended to doom to suffer most in the flood that was expected seeing just how well they can rebuild the levees after the fact of a level five hurricane and not before one happens. Everything failed in New Orleans even the police proved to be so corrupt that no one could count of them for public safety as some of them took advantage of people when they needed help most. The response to the catastrophic nature of big government was even more big government after Katrina instead of less. Unbeknown to many people still is that back after the dust bowl when Roosevelt started the soil conservation programs is that soil conservation programs started to reduce Mississippi delta sediments which according to environmentalists causes a loss of protective wetlands. Even if that is nonsense since wetlands are not going to absorb any of the force of a hurricane level five storm surge hitting new Orleans, the Mississippi sediments could have been used to build up the height of the subsiding delta land mass in and around the city. Thomas Jefferson would have had to be jailed on some trumped up cause by the Obama administration or shut off Am Talk radio for actually daring to say, "I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive." The Huffington Post would label Thomas Jefferson the way it does Glen Beck for this quote alone! What socialist democratic republic country in Europe wants to hear a politician say this: "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance" Thomas Jefferson also said this. It is very clear that this founding father fully intended the American Revolution to be a living revolution and he intended for the American People to preserve what he helped start. The socialists go for this quote too. The spirit of Resistance of course but the world ruler applies to government and not to corporate America or to private citizens exercising their rights. For the new American Tea Party to have a manifesto all they need is a series of Thomas Jefferson quotes in succession like this one: "The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society" Remember that when the government tells you that you are not sharing enough of your wealth with the world , with nature, or with hungry do nothing bureaucrats. How did it happen that Americans ended up coining phrases like "Well you can't fight city hall. " and "you can't sue the government." Thomas Jefferson did say that if government rolls you over you should be able to fight city hall and win and that the courts should be open so you can sue the government. He says it in black and white. In contemporary times what made Thomas Jefferson such a great liberal thinker and one of the most modern men before his time was a quote like this one: "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them". It is extraordinary that the founding fathers realized that the history of Europe was one of false promises with contract between the people and royal families and imperial forces where goodies were promised for allegiance and that by the will of god with the king or emperor acting on his behalf happiness could be given to all that they might not otherwise be able to achieve. It is funny how the liberals of today always want to to take care of everybody and every problem in society in exchange for votes and once this is achieved they do conspicuously waste the wealth of the country with taxes having no limits which is why a public school education in Portland Oregon now costs over $15,000 per year with a drop out rate of 40-60 percent with the government always taking credit for being indispensable to education! There was no public education back in Europe at the time of Thomas Jefferson but there was the same public mentality that supporting your local royal family was not only in your best interest to avoid having your property stolen from you but in your best interest in getting told that they were being taken care of. Most Europeans in the time of Jefferson paid significant taxes so government could defend them , also conscripting their sons to fight neighboring countries with inbred royal blood between them. Which is all the more reason we should seek professional political protection from the likes of Al Gore in protecting us from the ecosystem on the earth collapsing for which we should give up our way of life, our property and our right to happiness in general. I doubt that Thomas Jefferson and Czars and Chicago Mobster Politicians in the Obama White house would be on very good speaking terms as he actually said this: "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." Obama picked not one but two supreme court justices who believe in the legalized version of government as a criminal enterprise. Thomas Jefferson goes on to say, "An elective despotism was not the government we fought for." He said a lot more there are a variety of sites online with a plethora of Jefferson quotes. Go there and read more of them. Yes the modern liberals can cling to their atheism, and their collectivism and their Marxism and their nature worship and their new age confusion and their mental illness as one Savage talk radio show labels them but nothing will make them nearly as modern and revolutionary as Thomas Jefferson because their revolution is to revert the United States back to the crappy old ways of old world Europe once you start to read between the line. The liberals love political patronage . You can always see it in the type of people they tell you to vote for. They say they are for individualism but they are definitely not for your liberty as an individual not when they vote on health care administration plans that take up over 28000 pages and they don't even bother to read all of that before signing their name on the dotted line as our elected officials in favor of that. Quotes by Thomas Jefferson alone make for a good Tea Party political Manifesto. Forget the nonsense spewed out of the mouths of liberals that they are progressive and modern because in point of fact they are not. They want to progressively take America and make it more like the culture and government that most American Immigrants came here to escape. They want you to feel guilty for having too much wealth. They press you to "give back" to society. No where in the words of Thomas Jefferson do you hear the guilt motivation to give as charity that these people spew. They always have more bigger government as the solution for every single problem and even non existent problems. The liberals act like opportunists themselves but are against your having opportunity with out first having to beg to get a permit or pay a lot for a permit. The liberals believe everything private should be public then when it is public they put up no trespassing signs on it. That is just a little be regressive to the tyranny of history as it really was with royals, emperors and tyrants paying mercenaries or conscripting them from the pollution to use against the population to keep their life style up with the rest of the royals who all were better than average people because they were given the right to rule by God. Thomas Jefferson believed that everyone had the right to happiness by virtue of God and not just a few claiming to to be favorites of God and he helped put it in writing and attempted to make those written words a living resolution that would outlast him. Jefferson said he preferred the disorder of liberty to the central planning of big government. You can see why as a tourist in Europe visiting the most frequented tourist sites. You can see how the royal families and their courts organized the entire country to serve them with no regard for any individual unless those individuals were being treated like a crop raised to later harvest. The Average liberal thinks he or she is more educated because they actually believe that there is some achievable Utopian vision that comes from creating big fat government agencies to regulate every aspect of every day life when unfortunately all of the scientific data comparing countries with less verses more regulatory controls show that more wealth comes from those with less regulation or regulation that is only in regard to basic safety guidelines and not a self serving builder of bigger and bigger government for its own sake. The Katrina Catastrophe in New Orleans shows that multi billion dollar government expenditures could not ever have gone to fortify the city against the inevitable hurricane that would destroy it. Money was wasted for no good. New Orleans is not the only American urban catastrophe due to liberalism. Other include Newark,Oakland California ,Detroit , The projects in Chicago and the Bronx. These urban areas look almost the same as the area destroyed by Katrina and no storm even had to pass though for most of the buildings to have to be torn down. All it took was Huffington Post Obama Socialism. It is funny how progressive liberals claim that we need big government and even bigger government because without it we could not even exist on the earth. It is always the more the better and when it fails it is always someone else, like George W Bush , to blame for its latest failings. The problem with the argument is that the Republicans with George Bush Leading them were big spending big government builders and not in any way shape or form Jeffersonian liberals. The data now shows that Republicans went on an unprecedented destructive spending spree and got lack luster results and now the democrats trying to out do the Republicans with a geometric progression of spending expecting better results. The problem is that Thomas Jefferson was right and we have over 2000 years of historic perspective to look back on and no country achieved the significance of the USA ever before the USA. The United State rose to prominence with a lot less government than we have today even under Depression era Roosevelt the government was not as big and bogus as it is today. It was destructive causing a recession to turn into a ten year depression only broken by a new costly world war that big government also failed to prevent with the previous war to end all wars as a progressive liberal ideal that it was at the time. The great amazing success of the Chinese cannot be credited with being successful because of central authority because they tried that before and failed miserably. When the Chinese started imitating America with freedom and economic liberty they almost immediately became a competitive force. Sure China has a rotten overbearing government fluffed up with utterly phony empty communist rhetoric but the difference these days is that the USA has more regulations for business than China does and that is leading to an exodus of manufacturing industries to china where they have more freedom to pollute. At the same time I open a newspaper like the Oregonian and they are telling me that dirty American industries had better fold in favor of clean subsidized government ones that can't compete in the market place without government assistance, The Chinese are living with the pollution we can't bear to have and the same newspaper is not only complaining about the unfairness of that but the need for an industrial policy to prevent the jobs from leaving the country for China . Jefferson was right when he talked about people not really being educated when all they do is read contemporary newspapers. Jefferson knew over 200 years ago that Journalists are complete know nothings . That tells you that not only was he modern but the world itself had become fairly modern. Jefferson quotes practically create a tea party manifesto without having to actually write and print out the document. If the expense of government disappeared and so did much of the Government it would seem that people would get less of the useless services the government says it offers and probably end up with better circumstances. If the government went out and closed down administration agencies on a wholesale basis for lack of money most individuals would notice they suddenly had more liberty and less expense for trying to defend their liberty they might also realize that their promised government benefits cost them a lot more than they ever realized. The problem for the tea party movement is that in the long run if government does not just go broke and find itself unable to provide social security benefits then they somehow have to revise the system so the entitlement cash can't compete against liberty. Social Security and Medicare are programs that the country seems to be forever stuck with until you revise them so they are voluntary. That is the only way Americans will ever see there maybe a viable alternatives. Not even Thomas Jefferson come back to life would be powerful enough to fight against the entitlement addiction so he probably would find a way to embrace them the way Ronald Reagan did as "the basic safety net" paid for by those wishing to participate. It is interesting how the liberals could not tolerate the Reagan attitude and lived to avenge his influence. It is like the liberals objecting to charter schools and vouchers in public school education because they loose the lucrative monopoly of giving services that the public would be better served without or with choice. The liberals object to people opting out of the social security system which is supposed to be paid into by participants because they loose power there too to the people which they can't tolerate. One less person paying into social security or Medicare is one less person they may have to serve in the future. The reality is they never gave a damn about serving anyone but themselves otherwise they would not be trying to stop all on line INTERNET k-12 schools that have better education results than bricks and mortar schools that cost a lot more per student. Control freaks don't want control for anyone's benefit but their own. People who are power hungry never really want to share it and they only share it in the USA because we happen to have the condition with it's built in checks and balances against consolidation of power by individuals and groups. Thomas Jefferson predicted over 200 years ago that government would grow at the expense of liberty when the only actual fruit of the American Revolution was private liberty, "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground." You can see your liberty erroding when government says it needs more than 75% of the income and wealth of the nation to growo a bigger fairer better government for our well being in the future. Then you read the details of their grand plan for socialist health care and it turns out that they will hire thousands more bureaucrats to decide who lives and who gets euthanized to save the government society money on health care. You also learn that you will need to pay taxes on medical devices you probably will need yourself in order to somehow make medical costs go down for the rest of society! The public is more "educated" than ever in American and still they vote for shams and scams that cannot possibly end up successful in the long term because just because government has a big juicy propaganda program to promote it does not mean that that is how it really works. If you visited New Orleans before Katrina hit you could have gone to the brand new flashy Army Corp of Engineers visitor center and seen all the good things they have done maintaining the levees to keep a one hundred year flood at bay. Believing in Big Government is being a complete fool when you see Newark, Detroit or Oakland and what pumping billions of dollars into failure does to leave more urban destruction than Katrina did without ever having to have a hurricane. .

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