Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Tea Party Manifesto

The Tea Party Manifesto Revolution or Gibberish? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Anyone who has experienced a landslide due to the saturation of a hill or mountainside by too much water is impressed and amazed by the power of water to move massive objects including giant boulders, whole forests , houses and larger buildings. Water is normally not the cause of great forces or destruction. When you see water gain the power to move mountain sides as it does in a major landslide you gain an understanding of awe and respect for water you did not have before. We have been seeing something like that with the grass roots political upheval of the Tea Party Movement durring the early Obama Administration. There is water almost everywhere and most of the time it is calm and unthreatening, uneventful and even a wave nor a tidal wave, just calm water residing all around us. Water gaining force and power is just an analogy for what we are seeing happen with the instaneous rise of the tea party movement without any top down planning or strategic political manourvers. It really just happened. Those who believe there was a conspiracy by media outlets like Fox Television News to create the movement don't understand the dynamics of the physics of water nor of the political nature of a lot of the American people. Failure to understand the force of water and the political pasions of the American Tea Party People is very dangerous for poll reading politicians and story telling narative journalists because they don't understand that this is a movement that can move mountains the way water can propell a landslide a major rockslide. So You think you know what the Tea Party Manifesto is? If you are sympathetic with the tea party movement you already know most of it though you are not necessarily in agreement with all of it except in basic principles. You know that you are an American and not a European and not anything else from any other place. You know you have a type of sovereinty that is as great as any Emperor, king or dictator and you intend to retain it. It is not just your one vote in each election. It is your independence, right to say almost anything you damn want to say and to think what ever you damn want to think. You know you don't pledge your allegence to any individual , cult figure, cult of personality, dictator, king , price or queen. You are no one's loyal subject. You know you are not the subject of the United States of America nor your state in the union. The US constitution is a set of laws you are subject to and it's bill of rights as spelled out in suscinct English applies to you. You are usually not happy to see the US legal system and Justice system mangle the words in the consitution and to make them seem to say something other than what they obviously say in plain english. You know that having US citizenship is one of the greatest privilages on earth but the rights the consitution gives you are out of natural law and they are not a privilige. Only your membership as a true citizen of the USA is the privilage that you are not obligated to share with the rest of the world. People all over the world who are the loyal subjects or the opressed subjects of foreign goverments are free to draft their own consitution and bill of rights to grant themselves similar privilages enjoyed by Americans since they have no right to ours. In America we have the right to get rich not a priviliage to get rich because the government says we can as happend by decree in Communist China. We have the right to own private property. It is not a government decreed privilage to own private property in america but a natural right. We get it from ourselves with God's blessings. Getting rich in America is about the common good but not for the common good by government redistribution. Being rich in America is not about buying government or paying it off to stay rich. The American people are supposed to have the protection of government for their private property and not government as their adversary nor competition for wealth as happiness. The fifth amendment to the consitution clearly says "just compensation for the taking of private property." The consitution does not list circumstances or type of property that the government is free to take without paying just compensation just as the consitution says that the government should not enact/ collect taxes with out public consent as per the clause in the constitution that says there will be no taxation without representation. Most tea party supporters don't think that government taking property of any kind in any stealth manner is in line with what the constitution says. Where in the consitution does it say that the US Government should have the power to debase the US dollar by way of inflation to collect more in taxes than by existing tax assessments that are representative passed laws? Tea party memebers are natural independts. Most of them will not even identify themselsves as tea party members. They don't ordinarly march in step nor do they want to follow anyone as a loyal subject, servant or cult follower. They also like their privacy as is also expressly stated in the United States Consitituion. They believe in information technology but they don't want anything to do with George Orwell's predition of 1984 style information technology.l The average Tea party memeber just wants government to leave them alone. They don't want government holding them back, interring in their lives, in their face or sitting on their faces. They don't want government that is so big and impersonal that they cannot be face to face with it as the proper interface. The tea party member wants limited government that does basic things and does not trying to do what will ultimately prove to be impossible and then a waste of money. The tea party members know that money being wasted is their money and not the government's. They don't want govenrment experimenting with their money and they certainly don't want to give government the right to milk them like cows just anyime it needs money. Cash cows are for dairys and sacred cows are for India. The American people refuse to be milked but they are willing to pay reasonable fair taxes. .

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