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The Tyranny of Mathematics in Theoretical Physics

The Tyranny of Mathematics in Theoretical Physics The Arrogance of the Mathematicians Proposes that Empirical Nature is Derives from and is Generated by Mathematics as Opposed to Being an Analogy Describing Reality Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Math is God? A tyranny of mathematics has taken over the field of theoretical physics , physical astronomy and the study of reality. From the time of a thought provoking mental experiments that dazzled with complex paradoxes and optical illusions in the mind the power of mathematical description has grown and grown over time to assert itself as a kind of arrogance that leads to absolute theoretical tyranny. The complicated chalkboard notations of complicated looking mathematics formulas impresses those just too ignorant to understand the simple schematic coding involve. Unversed in mathematics it all looks and sounds more impressive than it is especially when one presumes that it takes some higher intelligence to jot this kind of stuff down on paper or on a chalk board. Mathematics is incremental and sometimes incremental-ism. It is less hard to understand once you are properly versed. Most of the time one sees mathematics at work it is being used to describe things from nature starting with fact that numbers can be counted. Later values are assigned to describe physical facts and observations. Mathematics is one certainly one of the great human success stories in it's utility for calculation and for understanding the physics of reality works at least the conditions of reality we can observe and test. There is no doubt how successful mathematics is at describing gravity and then putting it to practical use as one example. The arrogance of mathematics comes in when the scientist begins to believe that because mathematics describes how reality works in some case that some scheme or plan of mathematics formulas are somehow the DNA of the Universe. Certainly there is that analogy of DNA where chemical strands of molecules are now found to control the entire diversity of life as we know it. Why shouldn't mathematics that seems to work so well in practice be the underlying coding for everything that is real? Is there some Genome of the sub atomic particles of atoms that encoded with the mathematics DNA coding for reality itself? There is another more ancient idea that all of the cosmos is infused with intelligence or at least with information schemata that presupposes the construction of reality from the most basic fundamental sub particles of sub particles of mater. It is no longer mater but a form of intelligence that takes the shape and attributes of sub-sub atomic particles as the theory progresses. The word used in the physics community is information. So information is the most basic sub atomic particle and although it cannot be detected with any kind of sophisticated scientific equipment or electronics devices of any kind it observed in virtually all observations because we can have predictions using mathematics on how things behave in reality . We predict and we observe and therefore....Math is God. This science is all very ancient. The first predictions that seemed to obey laws of nature is the way the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening and that moved on to people being able to predict the behavior and transformation of the moon in the sky so ultimately its phases could be anticipated like clockwork. It was not such a great jump in human intelligence that predictions of the time and place an eclipse of the sun and moon would occur. Mathematics was required which is why we are so impressed by the Ancient Maya and of the rather amazing navigational skills of people like Christopher Columbus who was able to predict the time and place for an eclipse out on a remote Caribbean island. Reflexivity says that if Mathematics can make a prediction maybe it is prediction caused mathematics to become successful. Does the phenomena of an eclipse cause mathematics to become a manner of thought process? Does the moon and earth in their mutual tidal influences create a kind of mathematics to describe the process or is the process because the moon and earth are made of invisible elements of mathematics at the sub-sub atomic particle level of existence? How much mathematics is encoded in those famous moon rocks brought back to earth by NASA? The great mental thought experiment is ever more complicated melange of theories including quantum mechanics, relativity, and empirical confusion with presumed black holes at the very heart of reality and/ or deconstructing the very 'fabric' of the cosmos. From cosmos is born the cosmologist. The cosmologist is something like a demigod given birth by Zeus having fornicated with some mortal being on this planet. For some reason unlike very ancient Greek times cosmologists have to be born today with excessively large heads and intelligent minds to grasp the importance of mathematics. In Ancient Greece the demigod cosmological sons of Zeus had no more intelligence than average actors in the ancient theater. Today our cosmologists make physics and astronomy their primary concern and they use mathematics to question the validity of reality. Is it real as we communicate to each other it seems to be or is it sub atomic weightless particles of math pretending to be reality? The assumption then seems to be that we can't trust our limited senses and but we can somehow trust are greatest theoretical constructs such as the preferred idea that black holes exist in the cosmos as some sort of organizing principle . Nothing sucks cosmologists in as fast as blackhole does. First you can't see it and then you can because it now has a glassy holographic event horizon surface that necessarily retains a record of it's physical conquests. For some reason as an object with a given set mass is presumed to have more asserted force of gravity being more densely concentrated in a smaller volume than in a larger volume. That seems to violate one or more Newtonian laws of physics because mass is mass regardless of volume in the same formulas. Mass is defined in the formula and not necessarily but any quantity of atoms or subatomic particles. Mass depends on several other variables just as force and acceleration depend on several other variables. In Einstein's great relativity thought experiments, there was some stealth redefinition of mass from the Newtonian origin of the term. It is possible to see Einstein's idea of mass as something entirely different than Newtons because of some rather obvious mathematics transitioning. Rather than go into all of that lets just say we know from Einstein that space has curvature and that when a mathematician approaches a blackhole there are no straight lines left in that vicinity of the cosmos. Reflexivity as a principle of theory and mathematics says that if all lines are curved that curved is straight. This is not a point of confusion. If we outside a blackhole see lines that appear to be straight and are really curved necessarily inside a black hole curved lines are perfectly straight. This leads to the even stranger and now popular cosmological thesis that black holes, which were originally mathematics constructs entirely born out of Einstein's mental thought experiments taken to the extreme. Suddenly evidence that black holes may exist at the center of every galaxy we observe with our telescopes and possibly at the center of our own milky way galaxy assuming that is what we are observing since being inside a great spiral of stars is now how we observe the dense star covered regions in the sky we call the milky way. There is always room for doubt in science and now we seem to have direct observational evidence that a blackhole may exist at the center of our own milky way galaxy because of predictable movements of stars about a central void area which is prefectly described by Newtonian physics that is if somehow the stars observed don't somehow cast a tidal shadow that grows by accretion among them producing an effect that might be confused as an unseen blackhole. The final proof is is indeed a blackhole may take some time to realize because one or more of the stars rapidly revolving should be torn apart or just disappear into the blackhole without much notice because this would be the ongoing process. It might be that one or more of the observed stars would first collide with each other before entering the blackhole even horizon and becoming part of the singularity. Without that final even of a disappearing star the empirical evidence is incomplete as to give final certain evidence that a blackhole there is fact and not just a construct. Before we even have that final confirmation of seeing a massive star disappear in a flash or without a trace the theory that the blackhole has some certain structure is already being developed by the arrogance of mathematicians. It will be good to know what the structure looks like before we are absolutely certain it exists. What we learn is that reality is somehow pre-recorded with a kind of holographic data that may be projected from the center of the galaxy thought the black holes now presumed to be the cause of galaxy existence and behaviors as massive rotating spirals commanded from the center. Because gravity space time drags around reality based on the center of galaxies having infinite curvature and infinite mass over a longer time frame of digestion of mater it is easy to see where this is all headed. Light is a form of transmitted information and not just energy across the spectrum and now it is even believed that the speed of light is exceeded by neutrinos and then probably by intelligence itself which means there is either an aether of mathematics in the cosmos or that intelligence is empty space encoded with the scheme and plan on how it will be filled with mater and energy. Of course intelligence in a universe that is an intelligent universe is empty space just as it is here on earth because of the way we re-create intelligence in machines where the soul of the machine is completely ethereal as per the "software" and not the hardware. The idea that all mass and energy in the cosmos possess "intelligence" is an entirely different theory, almost. It negates the idea that all of reality tends toward a state of entropy where all systems break down into utter chaos. Observation from astronomy shows structure and not chaos at every point in time looking back though time in the depth of field of telescopic observations. There is no non-structural point in time observed going back though time. There is no primordial soup or chaos in the known universe where structures and conditions are not being observed and no direction in time where the most ancient light from the earliest days of some big bang event is observed as the origin of all cosmological history. No part of the sky is more chaotic than the rest. Where is entropy in that? The latest theory is that the universe is expanding much faster than expected and it has resulted in a Nobel price but is this more of the tyranny of mathematics or is it entirely empirical? The theory of curvature of space being necessary itself could explain the apparent rapid expansion of the spaces in between everything. The math is as simple as seeing over the horizon on the earth's surface with or with out refraction and diffraction. Curvature of space could just as easily create an illusion of cosmic expansion? It will take an expanding telescope to observe expanding space in the long run but chances are if the universe is rapidly expanding so is the telescope already in existence if it is part of the Universe. Do black holes repel or attract one another? What about the mathematics provision for missing mass and dark energy in the universe is this construct of theory or is it empirical tyranny of mathematics? Something not necessarily known to exist probably has to because of the power to make direct calculated predictions from the known laws of physics. What if the mathematics of empty space is that there is just one single unit of empty space in the entire universe and that instead of looking to black holes to speed between places and times the realistic way to be everywhere at once in the universe is to find totally empty space and become part of it? What if inanimate objects in the cosmos are more intelligent based on how large their mass is? There is the strange possibility that in an intelligent universe the largest structures in the universe are the most intelligent because they contain the most sub atomic intelligence. What if the Sun at the center of our solar system is the ultimate local intelligence then all of the ancient history of human sun worship has to be reconsidered as science? If the Universe is a vast play on mathematics projected from some central source at the heart of everything in holographic splendor that confuses our senses making us think what seems real is not than maybe we have to stop pretending to be human and realize we have a purpose as derivatives and variables in some mathematics formula we can never fully understand until we come into contact with a super massive blackhole long after we are all dead. Is there a viable alternative theory to that which has mathematics as the cosmological authority and central mechanism of constructing reality? Probably not. That is because we have reality experiments we can trust. Do you see the ? I don't. .

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