Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The World Was Coming To An End. Prepare Now.

Preparing for the End of the World on April 3rd. 2012 Not Prepared Yet? it is Time to Get Ready. There is Not Much Time Left and Hardly a Year and a Half Left Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The end of the world is near. Really near. It is almost upon us. It all comes to an end on April 3rd 2012 just as predicted. You had better get ready. Here are some important steps you should take to get ready: Make Peace with your self, make peace with your spouse, your family , your in-laws and even your bad neighbors. Have fun. Have lots of fun. Quit your job. Get unemployment. Go on permanent vacation. Spend all your money or give it all away. Lose the greed and live for the moment. Get high. Get really high, make yourself happy. Go beyond getting a buzz on. Skip the AA meetings and really start drinking. Be irresponsible . Be Jolly. Have a party. Make your life a party. Live your fantasy. Have an orgy. Know no limits to immediate pleasure. Vote Democratic. Give up on ambitions. Throw away possessions, Live for lust. Lust for pleasure. Stay awake all night . Watch the moon for the coming signs of impending doom. Lose all inhibition. Live wild. Be the wild life on the planet. As the final seconds, minutes ,hours approaches do what ever you please. There is no tomorrow. Relish sharing your final seconds with the rest of humanity or go ride a whale. Pray to God or any god of choice knowing your prayers will not be answered because nothing can stop the impending doom. Put your affairs in order. Prepare for your after life what ever it may be. Hope and pray for an after life at least as good as your time on earth. All the more reason to party. Party on. Party Hard. Make every single moment a big celebration. Reject the chemo- therapy. Get fat don't loose weight. Vote Democratic if you have to waste what little time there is left voting.. Take unnecessary risks, Gamble. Speculate! Start smoking, Fly around the world three or four times maybe more. Get Naked Stay Naked. Go deep in debt. Max out all your credit cards.. Have Practice random acts of kindness-- Have infinite sex. Give to everyone , anyone in need. There is no waiting. Sing and dance to the count down of the end of the world with the following important legal disclaimers: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Important Legal Disclaimer : If for any reason the world fails to come to an end on April 3rd , 2012, Be advised that all of these suggestions are entirely voluntary and that if you go too far and kill yourself before the world ends it is your own damn stupid fault and no one Else's. If the world does not end because there is a God and he or she disapproves of your behavior you may well go to hell and even if the world should come to an end as predicted you may still end up going to Hell. You are ultimately responsible for your own free will and if law enforcement survives the expected end of the world you could also be prosecuted for any crimes you have committed. The author, publisher and anyone with deeper pockets accepts no responsibility what so ever for your folly. And if all of the predictions do come true and the world comes to an end a year or two later you will not hold anyone but yourself responsible for your bad judgments. Should global warming prove to be real and the world comes to an end before April 3rd 2012 it is suggested you blame Al Gore and the United Nations for anything construed to be misinformation. Should the world come to an end and you find yourself still surviving no liability shall be assigned to the estate of Nostradamus nor to the Ancient Maya. . Close

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