Tuesday, July 8, 2014

They Named The OMSI Light Rail Bridge the Bunko Kelly Bridge why not rename a street too?

Proposal for City to Rename West Burnside as Bunco Kelly Boulevard to Give City More of Its Original Character Group in Portland Wants to Rename West Burnside as "Bunco Kelly Boulevard" Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Some historians believe that a park and a street may already be named after this unsavory character in the old town history of Portland. It is just not exactly clear that SW Kelley Street or Kelly Point Park bear his name since the first name is missing. That could be corrected by renaming one of the ugliest sad looking streets in the city in the full name of Bunco Kelly. Bunco Shanghaied thousands and sold them to Portland sea captains to man their ships for about $50 each back in the days that that was more than 50 restaurant bills for dining out. Apparently he was beloved by the city and never prosecuted for kidnapping. Back in those days the ballast came in on ships and the cargo went out to sea. Today we Fill the ships with ballast that come into port Portland and take off of them Toyota's and sea containers. Those asphalt buried Dark Grey cobble stones in the city were cut in Belgium were shipped to Portland as Ballast and timber and firs were shipped out along with Shanghaied sailor thanks to Bunco, This maybe why the movement to rename a major street after Bunco is finding such great favor in a city populated with people whose Passions are for pirates. Does Chicago Have an Al Capone Boulevard? Does New York City have a Talmany Hall Street? Why doesn't the City that Scams have a Bunco Kelly Blvd? It would be better than Caesar Chavez street, much more appropriate for the city of Portland . A Caesar Chavez street might be nice in Bakersfield California or Fresno but Here In Portland what is needed is anything Bunco. Who can really disagree? It would be cool if Camas, Washington named a street after Tonya Harding. The City should get to work on this immediately before it lapses back into Caesar Happy Chavez renaming exercises or decides to rename the Arleen Schnitzer concert hall after Jim Spagg instead. When the city of Portland get renaming crazy again you won't be sure what street you are on. People driving down highway five see Rosa Parks Avenue and sometimes miss their exit because the city fails to give them a clue of what street it used to be. Rosa Parks Avenue formerly what street? Sometimes you just realize you have been Shanghaied by the City of Portland. Nothing you can do about it. .

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