Tuesday, July 8, 2014


THIS is a TEST. Please Read and Pass on My Request I Have Always Wanted to Experience an Exponential Progression in Real Life Without Artificial Extrapolation. is it Possible? THIS is a TEST Lex Loeb Contributor Network . This is a test. the start date is December, 2, 2008. I want to see if the exponential interplay of millions or billions is possible without much of any incentive. This experiment is posted on line in the manner that I can count the number of people who come to read it. Is it possible that a thousand people , a million people or even a billion people can actually read this? It may be a problem that it is only published in English and that it offers nothing at all for free. I really want to experience a billion. This is my attempt. The request is purely experimental. What if I can get 2 billion people world wide to read this. I am keeping it short not to waste your time. When you see the big black dot your participation in this important experiment will be greatly appreciated. Do you see the dot? Chain mail is unlikely to work for the sake of seeing a big black dot as opposed to false advertising. This request is completely honest. Thank You for participating in experiment. After a billion or more people have seen the big black dot, I will publish the follow up results and conclusion of this very important experiment. I really do not think it is possible because of the lack of incentives on an incentive driven planet. .

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