Thursday, July 10, 2014

Time Machine Travel into the Future to Find Out Where the Obama Health Care Plan is Really Going

Time Machine Travel into the Future to Find Out Where the Obama Health Care Plan is Really Going Fate Hinges on Passage of the Obama Health Care Plan Lex Loeb Contributor Network . A friend of mine and I were having a heated discussion about the future implications of Obama health care. We decided we were going to settle the arguments we had on the subject by venturing into the future to find out where Obama health care will really lead the country. At the time we left the present to venture into the future we were not sure that the President's health care programs were going to pass in congress. We quickly found out that they did when we arrived in Philadelphia on January 14, 2032 at the Barack Obama Memorial National Philadelphia Hospital complex It was only an accident that we arrived there because we could not know that that hospital would have ever been built in the middle of Rittenhouse Square which we had thought would have been an open space or a park to safely park the Time Machine. Glad I brought $20,000 in $100 dollar bills because parking is $100 for 4 hours at the Hospital. The build was 40 stories tall, built just ten years before but had signs on it that the 22nd to 40th floors were temporarily condemned because of unsafe conditions. Looking up from the street it appears the building never was finished above the 21st floor because the government ran out of money. I brought my valid passport with me so I could apply for health care to find out how the new system works. I walk into the building and could not help notice that the name for the Maternity clinic. The sign says, " Philadelphia National Planned Parenthood Maternity Clinic". I go over to the blond robotic receptionist and ask where I go to register for health care. "You have a social security number? You have paid your taxes? You have your passport or your birth certificate with you? If you can answer yes to all of these prerequisites you will have to go to the records office in the national planned parenthood check in even if you don't have children. I go though the doors into the planned parenthood clinic to the records office where there is a line of about 1001 people waiting. There I have to take a number on a plastic ticket that says if I don't return the plastic ticket before I leave the hospital I will be fined $500 and that to enforce this I am under video surveillance. I have my friend go back to the time machine to put another few hundred dollar bills in the parking meter machine because my number is 1001 and the number being taken at the counter is 66. Then we decide to hide my plastic number ticket under one of the waiting room seats and go back to the time machine set for two days later and the number being taken is just 848. So we go back to the time machine and go one more day into the future when the number 999 is being taken. I go find my hidden ticket and get back in line. My number comes up. I go to the records clerk ,a ten ton over weight bureaucrat who moves so slowly as if she lives in another dimension but she talks faster than either of us can understand her. Looking at my passport she tells me that my passport has expired and that according to national actuary charts I too should have expired. My passport was only good till 2020 and it is really old fashioned everyone now has an implanted passport child in their arm. I explain that I was lost in Africa for the past 32 years and only just got back . She looks at my passport and says you are supposed to be 109 years old but you only look like you are 77. She tells me there are severe penalties for falsely registering for national health care. I have been in Africa too long. I have no idea what is going on can you explain it to me? She tells me I look too healthy for 109 year old I explain to her that i was lost in Africa and had eaten herbs that promote longevity. She tells me She can't register me that I am already too old to be registered for the national health care system because 67 is "the Universal Health Span." "I think sir you and your friend must have mental health problems I am sending you to the mental health clinic to find out why you two have not yet been terminated. Rather than send you to the national health office information specialist, I am going to give you a copy of the 2030 National Health Plan. It will explain everything you need to know. In the mean time I am calling the police to bring the two of you to the mental health clinic." She grabs my passport and sticks it in her desk drawer and calls the police with her implanted cell phone back that makes it look like she is talking to herself. That is when my friend and I bolt with the 10 lb national health care plan get in the time machine and get the hell out of there. Safely back in 2010 I can now tell you how Obama care will work by the year 2032 because I have a copy of the national health care book. Without even reading a page in the book my friend has changed his mind and is no longer for the Obama Health Care Plan and the two of us want you to know the details of what is coming and why we now have to change the course of future history and stop Obama care as soon as possible. Here are the details from the book from 2030 from the national health care advisory panel that sets all rules and regulations having to do with health care. The part about British Columbia and Baja California being the 51st and 52nd states don't mater so they will be left out. Everyone of child bearing years is to be registered by the national planned parenthood administration. All Women especially are to be screened for their fertility issues. There are strict limits on the number of children that a woman can have and the racial identity of fathers is called into question according to the national anti-discrimination laws. Women are only allowed to have one child whose father is white and must accept a government approved surrogate for additional children up to 3 total in order to promote the national anti bias laws. Any additional children or non-conforming children or children by mothers without sufficient means of supporting them according to her last 5 IRS statements will have a mandatory abortion. This is being done to promote racial justice and the environment. Men at the age of 35 are automatically sterilized as part of their health care regimen. The Government's goal is a national population of 125 million people. With a population of 290 million people in the year 2030 when this manual for health care is written that means that there has been some progress in population reduction. Thanks to the efforts of the national green peace administration and the Sierra Club, the planned parenthood administration has become the cornerstone of national health care starting with vast savings realized from DNA screening of parents before they are permitted to breed. I notice that while i was in the records office with the ten ton bureaucrat that she was eating Soylent Green Wafer Chips as she did her job. Yes the influence of the sierra club and PETA will eventually completely transform the medical health care system in America by introducing old age terminations to help save the environment. How it works is once a person reaches the age of 66, they are evaluated on a 20 point check list their usefulness to society, if they are a member of a public workers union they can defer this evaluation until age 86. The 20 point check list screens these seniors to find out how much they produce and how much they will cost society in public benefit on a 1-10 scale. If they are a 1 they will be permitted to go back into society but otherwise they are to be removed and "institutionalized." only one in 19 people and all public service employees are released back into society. Assisted suicide is no longer politically correct terminology for what happens to these people because according to the national health care plan "Seniors are a great source of protein to help save the environment". Yes the new wave ancient Mayan influence of Cannibalism dates right back to the Obama Administration in 2011. Because people over the age of 66 tend to have the most financial assets in society not only do they make a great protein source that saves innocent animals and the environment from further destruction but their assets can provide needed redistribution for society. People who reach reach 66 years old and are to be terminated have two years before they get prosed into soylent green chips but their assets are frozen and they are put on social security so they do not waste the publics money. This is the cradle to grave Obama care health care insurance that is going to come out of the present political process and I have not even told you what the national health care plan of 2030 says about euthanasia yet. Anyone that has a difficult or expensive disease that cannot be treated for less than $200,000 within a 20 year period is to be terminated but each individual does have a right to appeal. National public employees are again exempt up to a limit of $500,000 for 15 years. Persons going to foreign states or indian reservation hospitals instead of national health care facilities are committing a felony and are subject to arrest, confiscation of property and face termination if convicted. The manual says US heath care is the best in the world right in the manual and if you don't like it you can try to appeal but the process can take up to 17 years. No wonder my liberal friend stopped supporting the Obama health care take over! Don't believe this is true? Well get into your time machine and get your own copy of the 2030 national health care plan by the national health care advisory board. If you think that what the president wants is just to get his foot in the door with national health care and that after that it will just be used to take over the entire country even regulating your right to vote you have been to the future and seen what we have. I was going to call the Whitehouse and tell them but now it turns out that it is now officially a crime to call federal officials and to tell them what you think about government because they have callers arrested for "harassing government officials." It is now even considered a harassment crime to ask a public official a question if the official says he or she does not like the question. This is happening in 2010. Just wait to see 2032. I just did. Don't waste your rights while you still have them! .

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