Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tired of Going to Work? Have a Custom Robot Clone Made in Your Exact Resemblence and Let it Go to Work for You

Tired of Going to Work? Have a Custom Robot Clone Made in Your Exact Resemblence and Let it Go to Work for You I Got Sick of My Job and Went to Acme Super Cool Robots and Took Care of the Problem. Now I Spend My Time Relaxing Doing What I Want to Do and My Robot Clone is Really Impressing the Boss . Acme Super Cool Robots of Beaverton Oregon Saved My Life. Work was making me feel like a robot. Every single day I would go the office and within 5 minutes after arriving I started to feel like a robot or a zombie--the living dead working in the office, Getting paid $60,000 to go though the same boring motions day after day really starts to get to you after a while even though it sounds like a lot of money. Some people spend their hard earned cash on fancy cars. I splurged on a life like robot to replace me at work so that I can do the things I want to do at work. Don't be fooled by the high price. I can tell you it is worth it even if it takes you 20 years or more to pay off what you owe.. Acme Super Cool Robots provides easy financing so you can afford that $450,000 robot that costs more than the home you own.. Yup it is worth it never ever having to go to work again just sending your serrogate to work wearing your corporate office id tags and never having to deal with anything having to do with work or the office ever again. You don't even need to cash a check because you can get automatic direct deposit directly into your bank account. When your robot gets home from work you just need to remember to plug him in to recharge him if he is too tired after work to automatically plug himself in for recharging. You might wonder how can a guy with a $60,000 a year sallried office job ever afford to buy a robot clone on credit? Easy and potentially lucrative because my robot clone already got me two promotions with higher pay I never could get because I can't act like the a god damn robot. My robot has the right personality, the drive and the apparent ambition that I don't have and is excelling as I never would. I now get to stay at home and write poetry when I am not watching soap operas or Oprah or reading her book club selections.. My robot serrogate is doing my job better than I could ever do it. I am so happy I went to Acme.

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