Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tool Library Idea Portland Oregon

Innovative New Public Library Concept in Portland, Oregon The Tool Library Allows Community Sharing of Construction Tools. Tools Can Be Checked Out for Use in the Manner Books Can Be at an Ordinary Library Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Located at 5431 NE 20th street , the North Portland Tool Library offers anyone over 18 years of age membership to join and borrow tools from a selection of more than 500 types of construction tools. The service is free of charge operating as a non profit organization. It is a really interesting concept that may eventually find wide acceptance and spread. So often one has to go out and buy a tool that one uses once or maybe twice and then never needs it again. Need a crescent wrench for a one time plumbing problem? The tool library might have one on the shelf. For more information just go to their website @ http://www.northportlandtoollibary.org 503-754-0534 for hours. 5421 NE 20th, Portland, Oregon 97211

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