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Trickle-Up Economics Exposed in Portland, Oregon--The Rich Get Richer.

Trickle-Up Economics Exposed in Portland, Oregon The Truth About Trickle-Up Economics from a City Long Applying the Concept--Better Buzz Words for Society Lex Loeb,Contributor Network . Trickle Down Economics comes from the supply side economist camp which generally believes in lower tax rates and less government control and much less redistribution of wealth by the forces of government in society. Portland , Oregon has long been practicing what might be called Trickle-up economics and it has world wide fame and renown at least for the symbolic value of using the appropriate politically correct buzz word. Trickle-up economic success in Portland thus becomes an example for the industrial world worthy of study. With the recent financial and economic contraction there is a lot of dis-ownership of the trickle down theory out of natural convenience of the present economic circumstances so it becomes important to explore the implications of Trickle Down economics before implementing it on a national or international level. Trickle-up Economics begins with high taxes. Oregon is one of the higher tax states in the Union. It is not the highest but is is up there on the list. The State has high property taxes and an approximately 10 % personal and business income tax. There are plenty of other taxes including taxes on Alcohol, Cigarettes, gasoline and of course fees charged on just about everything. State taxes do not necessarily balance the Oregon state budget. Like most States in America, The state is heavily dependent on federal transfer payments for various program including, of course the state's famous Medicare special waiver indigent health care rationing plan. Living In Portland one quickly learns that the State of Oregon has many agencies set up to maximize requests for federal funding on a regular basis. One of the prime areas the State targets for founding is the Social Security Agency. An army of state social workers is interested in producing as many fully dependent welfare cases as possible in the state to maximize inflows of SSI money from which agencies take a cut before passing on to the targeted recipients. The state targets the elderly , children, the mentally ill, and the infirm. It is a multi billion dollar bonanza and industry. This is where trickle up begins. In an each according to his need environment first the government has to assess the needs. Needs are not wants. Everyone wants everything so rationing is important. There is some simplification in this explanation but it is generally right on the money. The state of Oregon has built a big industry based on trickle-up economics with lots of personnel , infrastructure. The State employees have a powerful union representing their members which helps to elaborate on each according to his need ideology because government employees need more of tax payer money than taxpayers do. This is because they do nothing but good for society by definition. The cost of the bureaucracy is unsustainable by taxation alone which is why the state lottery helps. At the public employee level rationing requires a larger share of resources to begin with and after that the Oregon Trail Cards are issued to the needy welfare cases. The Oregon trail card is a debit card that looks like a credit card that welfare recipients receive in lieu of cash payments or welfare checks. It is the Oregon Trickle-up card which will probably become the model for national Trickle-up policy. The first thing a state resident needs to do is work long enough paying into social security and then go crazy committing some minor crime or just be a single mother and have a baby . One goes into see the social worker and sign up for the Trickle up Oregon Trail Card. Every month then money is credited to the Trickle-up card account that can be spent on basic food type items. The agencies provide section 8 , 11 or other forms of housing payments separately. The Portland Economy is very happy to have this trickle up economy packed into the city because the money on the Oregon Trail Cards gets spent monthly in the community. The city of Portland has not had a major new factory of any kind built in years because that sort of thing is not part of the trickle up economic scheme and anything new and industrial is going to violate all kinds of city ordinances so the factories have tended to open far out in the distant suburbs. The welfare factory keeps much of the city rented and trickle up works its commercial miracles. Oregon trail card holders have learned that they can get around the limitations of using the money on their pioneer trail cards on basic necessities by trading the value of cash on the card at a discount. Meth addicts on the street frequently come up to strangers on the streets and tell them they will buy 50 dollars worth of groceries for them for $25 in cash. The average meth addict not only prefers meth to food he or she needs cigarettes, beer and other real necessities. Oregon Trail Cards probably buy half the pot sold on the streets of Portland in exchange for groceries! Single women tend to be living with single men and sharing the benefits of their welfare money. Even Heroin gets paid for with Oregon trail card pin numbers. This is just part of the reality of what Trickle-up economics is all about. The corner convenience store with the closest walk to get cigarettes and beer find trickle-up economics to be their life line though out the city. It definitely is an economy and of course 7--11 type stores do pay taxes. The advent of state lottery video poker has added yet a new dimension to the use of trickle up money in helping to voluntarily fund the state with trickle up money. The welfare system is based on free money and with much of it coming from the federal government why would anyone complain? The important thing is that our city should have greater needs than other cities in the country to maximize the amount of transfer payments available. The trickle up part of the part of the economy of Portland may be just up over 25% of the population but everyone else pays to keep the system going. Its a damn good system everyone gets the drugs they need and the hell with tax payers because even some local prostitutes find employment thanks to Oregon trail pin number sharing arrangements. Portland has a truly dynamic economy and why would anyone want anything more? Taxes will need to go up and anyone unwilling to pay them should move away. For those who prefer trickle down economics growth some of the suburbs of Portland are growing many times faster than Portland's economy but thanks to state laws Portland still gets the lion share of the state transfer payments which means that trickle down in the suburbs also benefits Portland indirectly by growing the funding source and tax base. When the state ends up in a so called budget short fall the solution is to fist raise taxes, second to cut welfare benefits and third to lay off public employees. It is not a vicious cycle it is each according to his need. Portland has been careful to avoid the pitfalls of welfare queen bad press so all systems are go for trickle up. Get with the plan and support Trickle-up Economics. Find out if you are eligible for an Oregon Trail Card. Find out if you need medical marijuana for your condition otherwise. Local trickle up Medical Marijuana Clinics have your socialist needs in mind too.


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