Thursday, July 10, 2014

True Green or Fake Green? Sustainable?

Preview How to Tell If Your Environmental Friends Are True Green or Fake Green Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Ninety-eight percent of all industrial corporations now use terms like "sustainability" and "being green to describe their activities. Obviously some of them are not true green. The same is true of your friends. Everyone is claiming to be green these days but only a few of your friends are really truly green and maybe you should take them off your friends list because they are not true green friends of the Earth. The first place you need to look is their shoes. If they are wearing shoes made out of synthetic materials or shoes made in China or Italy they are plainly not true green people you want to associate with. Shoes made overseas soak up fossil fuels in transport and synthetic shoes are non-biodegradable and also made of heavy industrial chemicals that ultimately end up in landfill. These are friends you do not need. Pay attention to their shoes. Leather shoes are a quandary also to be considered because if your friends are wearing leather shoes that are made of animals that were killed and not of already dead animal hides then those shoes are not friendly to the earth nor to the feet of real green friends. If your friends ride bicycles imported from china or made of industrial materials and are not home made out of materials like native bamboo then clearly they may not be your friends. Real green friends do not import anything from overseas and add to their carbon foot print and they do not use industrial materials made by carbon polluting machines in carbon spewing factories. If your friends are driving cars or SUVs , mother earth goddess forbid, even if they are bio diesel they should not be your friends because the materials used in making cars are industrial and they require mining the earth's resources. If however your friends ride around in a horse buggy like the Amish then they might be your friends but you have to check that nothing is factory made and no living tree or animal was killed to make the buggies. The horses also have to be fed only non GMO grains and have free range for grazing certification. There is a question if putting a horse in front of the buggy and forcing the horse to pull the buggy is not animal abuse? That is yet another quandary you need to deal with to be sure your environmental green friends are true green and not fake green or even shocking industrial orange. Do your friends live in a home or are they environmentally conscious and living in a home made tent , a natural cave or a tree house made only of dead tree parts? They did not use power tools to build these did they? Did they make their own tools out of sticks and stones? Maybe they are not your true green friends either and you need to dispose of them as friends? It is yet another quandary? Are they buying food at the supermarket or growing and collecting their own? Super market food even if it is certified organic is trucked in enlarging their carbon foot prints . Friends do not do that. Their clothing should all be hand made and hand sewn and all the material should be hand made at home. Green friends are Naked not dressed because naked is natural. If they have to wear clothing because of severe cold and cannot be naked they should be considerate of the earth. Green Friends only wear furs from dead animals not synthetic faux fur. Friends do not have pets like dogs or cats because these types of vanity pets waste the Earth's resources. These are friends to be unfriended for having pets which also takes animals out of their true state of nature. No true green leaves their home hooked up to electricity or gas because of the obvious damage this kind of energy does to the environment . Even solar paneling is taboo because it is made of industrial materials much of it imported which is unkind to mother nature and deplorable. True green friends require no artificial light or heat and live responsibly. Your environmentalist friends only worship the Earth they do not go to Church. You would not want friends who go to church worshiping false gods if you want them to be your true green friends do you? Being true green may not leave you with a lot of friends but the earth has too many non friends and they are by nature evil and a detriment to the planet. No one needs friends like these. Going green is a commitment to the sanctity of being true green not some artificial synthetic green dye color. On a planet with too many synthetic artificial green environmental wannabes it is only the true green who are green who are entitled to other true green friends. True green people have the responsibility to let the un green and the synthetic green know that they are not even human. The only way we can have a truly green planet is by going back to nature in the proper manner. Anyone claiming to be green living in an urban area is synthetic green or an industrial shocking orange phony. Draw the line say that if some one is not true green they are not a friend of the earth and say goodbye to them as green friends. . Close

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