Monday, July 14, 2014

Uncontrollable Big Dog Lust Gone Wild

Uncontrollable Big Dog Lust Gone Wild When You Have Dogs and One of Them Goes into Heat, Things Can Get Out of Control Fast. the Male Dog Goes More in Heat Than the Female.. Lex Loeb Contributor Network . When a female dog goes into heat she just becomes receptive, a little crazy and a little aggressive. The male dog totally flips out. He goes totally crazy. Having big great dogs like great danes is an exceptional hardship under the circumstances. The energy level of big dogs like this is next to uncontrollable. Trying to keep the dogs apart is a major task. The female dog is a bit mellower than usual but the male is plunged into total hyper kinetic madness that is impossible to contain. The male dog got so bad that he had to be removed from the premises just to calm down. He completely lost control of his body because of the stress of having the immediate need to get engaged with the in heat female that he was loosing weight and was taken to the vet who prescribed Valium tablets to help calm him down. It takes a number of Valium pills to calm down a large size great dane apparently and even that did not do a lot of good. He totally had to be taken to another location to wait out the other dog in heat. He stopped eating for the full duration of that period. When the two dogs did meet it was pandemonium. The male dog acts like he waited a life time for his girl friend to go in heat. There was nothing that would stop the intended union. The vet told me that some male dogs will do anything possible including jumping out windows and blasting their way though plaster board walls to get to their bitch in heat. Once they happen to get together, not connected just playing together they are very hard to get apart. You are interrupting something important for them. The two dogs did manage to get to each other on multiple occasions by open doors that they don't usually seem to be able to and jumping over barriers. When it seemed like the female was no longer in heat the male was brought back to the house weighing 15 pounds less than he had and the dogs immediately went at it resulting in a false dog pregnancy. Yes , a false dog pregnancy. Even the dog thought she was pregnant with her mammary gland hormones turned on it seemed. She was not getting fat in the belly which was a clue that it might not be what it seemed to be. The false pregnancy fooled everyone including the veterinarian. That was over and then the second in heat period began again with the male going just as crazy and having to be removed. Again he lost 15 lbs this time getting a bladder infection that nearly killed him. If it were not intended to breed her at some point , she should definitely be fixed. Fortunately no other dogs had access to her. One can have a sort of dog whore house in a neighborhood when a backyard dog goes in heat. The idea of having a dog causing all the males dogs in the neighborhood to go this crazy is not appealing. Not sure how many times a female in heat will attempt to mate or with how many different dogs? Its scary. With male dogs going so crazy. You will notice that in the back yard some dog outside the fence may try to dig a hole under the the fence. It happened here. Do dogs see human mating rituals as being just as crazy as their own ? From a dog's stand point they probably are. .

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