Sunday, July 13, 2014

Universal Health Care Could Mean the End of US Citizenship

Universal Health Care Could Mean the End of US Citizenship Prospective Universal Health Care Legislation Maybe a Threat to Basic Citizenship. Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Have you ever been to the Shrine of Guadalupe in Mexico? The old and the sick come to commune with Mary ,Our Lady of Guadalupe. They come from all over Mexico and beyond. To get into the big stone Church to touch a sacred object and pray within first they get on their knees and crawl across the stone plaza in a painful exercise of endurance. Many hope to be healed of their sickness or cleansed of sins by doing this. Soon the same thing will be happening on the US Mexican border when Obama national health care takes form in legislation. Buses and planes full of Mexicans with health problems will be smuggled across the border and once they cross the border an ambulance will be waiting to take them to the nearest emergency room at US tax payer expense. We have seen president Obama and the democrats courting Latin Americans in a major way for future votes including a major amnesty program for illegal residents already here. The national universal health plan is designed particularly to cover those Americans who do not have coverage. Doing some research in depth one quickly finds that illegal aliens are the largest percentage of those counted among the supposed 50 million Americans without health care. So it only figures that the Obama plan is for universal health care designed to cover illegal aliens. Already Maternity wards across the nation are highly taxed by illegal alien women giving birth since they have a higher birth rate than the general population. What happens then with universal health care? Everyone in the country is covered, The Obama administration is already working out a way to issue social security numbers to anyone who checks into a government run system hospital. It means if a tourist from France gets sick he or she can instantly get a US social security number. Canadians might still be crossing the border for US health care just to get a social security number. What is that going to do to your US Citizenship? The Obama Census is planning to count illegal aliens the same way it counts ordinary citizens which is a clue to what is going to happen with universal health care. Imagine the population of US Citizens first growing by 100 million after the Mexicans find the loophole and 300 million after the rest of North and South America discover the instant benefits derived from both needing medical care and becoming an illegal alien or a legal visitor. The Canadians do not necessarily extend their universal health care to US Citizens because the system is a rationing system. The Obama plan is a major vote buying strategy. The Canadian Health system will check to see what Insurance a patient has that might be applicable if from the USA and works diligently to get those patients deported as fast as possible to receive US care. This is not how Medicare and Medicaid have been treating illegal aliens entering the health care system from Emergency rooms in the US. Already there are Mexicans who know they can cross the border and get in line in an Emergency room for free medical care and already it taxes the system. Things will be getting worse. Once Oregon style health plan rationing enters the system, which it has to since the government has limited resources, the average existing American citizen will end up having to get in line for health care behind the smart opportunist illegals. The group being counted as the largest segment of the uninsured in the US now happen to be the undocumented aliens working or not working. The numbers have been republished by Mark Lavin so when considering who is uncovered by health care insurance a very very large percentage are undocumented worker. Its not that we don't owe our workers, where ever they come from some basic services, it is actually sad that the US congress has not figured out that those undocumented workers who are paying social security taxes should get some benefit from it just as we would expect foreign companies or governments to treat our workers with the same regard as our own workers. Its on fair that they should not get some benefit for paying the taxes with their labor. We hire people on the basis of a contract of some kind even if they are not legal. The bonanza for illegals to consume US medical care tax dollars will be unlimited. The government is developing their universal health care system as a back door to conferring citizenship on any body who checks into an emergency room even if they pay to have themselves smuggled across the border. First find out who most of the uninsured are and then figure out why the government wants to be sure they all have the same health care benefits true citizen has and you will be drawing up a big blank with a question mark in it too. In expensive medical care is easily found in Mexico but soon you notice that 1 out of 2 people have bad teeth. Wait till Obama extends the universal health care plan to all dental care. It is always very appropriate in considering prospective legislation out of Washington , DC, to try and hash out what the unintended consequences will likely be. In this case since the biggest number of uninsured taxing the present health care system happen to be illegal aliens it does not necessarily look like the dilution of your basic citizenship and it's benefits are an unintended consequence but rather an intended one. Fly down to the Shine of Our Lady of Guadalupe get on you knees and crawl to to the shrine across the hard stone plaza and maybe you will be healed sooner than waiting in a rationing line after the Obama health plan becomes the law of the land. Read closely, deeply , between the lines before the president signs the bill into law and probably you will not see any mention of how illegal aliens will be treated in the universal health care program. This is because congress does not want you to know what they are really proposing and especially they don't want you to know that half of Mexico will have essential US citizenship benefits after the law passes but if you go down to Mexico you will still be Gringo. When laws are intentionally designed to give people the benefits of citizenship without requiring them to have citizenship first beware! . Close

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