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US Armed Forces Soon Be Occupying Mexico And Central America?

US Armed Forces Soon Be Occupying Mexico? Suddenly No Country on Earth is Coming Unglued as Fast as Mexico. the US Would Definitely Occupy Mexico If Deemed Necessary? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The Mexico destabilization story is getting a lot of play suddenly in the national USA media. Reports of more people now getting killed in various drug cartel wars than in Iraq are becoming the headlines. The last report that one drug lord admitted to dissolving more than 300 bodies in acid to dispose of the bodies and thousands missing or dead in border towns like Tijuana are not making Mexico out to be a fun place for tourists to visit anymore. Mexico is famous for its corrupt police and recent news reports are taking that to a whole new level with police forces in Mexico backing up the big drug cartel leaders in a city by city civil war. All of this corresponds with the many Mexican workers returning to Mexico because work is drying up as the economic recession takes hold. Mexicans not only work in agricultural jobs but do a lot of the nation's construction work. They return home jobless and with out money and will find neither back in Mexico. Mexico's stock market and currency have been seen to be fairly solid at the moment which is a surprise but with the recession here and getting worse, even with the benefits of NAFTA to Mexico, one can expect a coming cycle of disastrous Mexican peso devaluations especially if the US tries to devalue itself. What was seen as a Mexican illegal immigrant problem can quickly turn in to a inside Mexico problem. The fear is that in the recession the more moderate and conservative government will be forced out and the Hugo Chavez style socialist might take power there. The United States might be able to handle Chavez in Venezuela because it is so far away but along the souther border of the USA it would be a flash point that not even the Obama administration would likely be able to ignore especially if the country took a Hugo Chavez attitude toward the USA. The first thing that would happen is instead of poor Mexicans crossing over the border the rich and middle class Mexicans would be flying over to stash their money in safer US banks unlikely to get nationalized. A lot of that would be done by wire in a flash. Then the country would just go into economic free fall the way Argentina . That is when the wave of desperate Mexican workers would flood across the border offering their work for a few dollars a day. So far so good for the US except that then it would not be too long when the US armed forces might need to cross the border. Mexico would probably be in a state of civil war and that is too close for comfort along the US border. Amazingly the Chinese could be involved as they have set up points of influence in Latin America already. The Panama Canal is where The Chinese have set up shop . The People's Republic Army guarding the their contract administration and management of the Canal and apparently the Chinese are acting as Panamanian Canal custom agents to some degree. The Chinese are becoming the biggest trading partners with many Latin American countries trading manufactured goods for raw materials from soybeans to hard wood and mineral products including oil. A Mexican melt down would affect local and world oil prices to some degree. The chances of US military intervention in Mexico are probably no more than one in twenty right now but that could quickly change . Once US military intervention occurs chances are Hispanics with Mexican origins will be a fairly large part of the US armed forces populations. It would be unlikely that the US would quickly leave Mexico if this ever were to happen. One reason is that having 30 million or more Mexicans living legally and illegally on the US Side of the Border already would mean that for all practical purposes Mexican States might as well be collectively added to the United States of America. Most Americans xenophobes who want to expel illegal aliens en mass never think that it is no more inevitable that Mexico tries to annex part of the US as Mexican American populations grow as the US annexing states in Mexico because we are already becoming Mexican. Mexican nationalism should stand in the way but that could depend on the poverty level. Mexican American leadership in Mexico proper probably is what the place needs to clean it up. Having Mexican states annexed is a welfare liability for the US government but could prove unavoidable if there is a complete melt down of the country. The odd thing that seems to make it sound believable is that every year in the USA we not only celebrate the 4 th of July but the Cinco de Mayo too. One never sees the 4th of July celebrated in Mexico except among gringos in small enclaves --maybe in the Zona Rosa near the US Avenida de la Reforma US embassy zone and in US retirement communities down there? That could be the warning of a coming US American Mexican conquest of Mexico. This information is coming from coming from authorities sited by the American Mass media and is not merely speculation. It would not be like a fictional raid on Canada because Canada does not appear to become a threat within its own border or beyond it into the USA. The US has a bad reputation in Mexico of crossing the border to take the law into it's own hands. Hopefully Mexico recovers and it never has to happen. Mexico could easily become a capital investment mecca the way Spain did after Franco. That is to allow fee simple foreign ownership under Mexican law and sovereignty of real property especially along the coast lines where there is demand for real ownership. Mexico has successfully destroyed its own economy for more than a century with utterly stupid Marxist / nationalist anti foreign property ownership protection. It did not hurt for Rockefeller center in NYC to sell to the Japanese when it did and as much of 5th avenue in NYC is already foreign owned it really shows the difference between that street in New York and a similar street in Mexico that never gains the same status as a sought after location. Mexico's economy would be really roaring ad they allowed foreign interests to bid up interests in their state oil company Pemex. Steps seem to have been taken to upgrade the Mexican legal system but with the level of corruption rising as reported recently it looks like there is more than one set of laws in the country. Economic freedom for investors is what would remake Mexico into the economic power house it is destined to be at some point in the future. If the US armed forced did occupy Mexico the number of Mexican laborers in the United states would rise from 30 plus million to 50-60 million. Would we even notice much difference especially when riding the bus around town? .


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