Monday, July 14, 2014

US Government so Far Beyond Bankrupt Will Not Be Able to Fund Its Obligations May Cause Own Collapse--Another good reason for US companies to Re-domicile Outside of the USA. If Scottand peals off Britain it maybe the best place yet to re-domicile.

US Government so Far Beyond Bankrupt Will Not Be Able to Fund Its Obligations May Cause Own Collapse The US Goverment Maybe Funding Its Own Spectacular Collapse by Pretending that it Can Do Everything for Everybody Lex Loeb Contributor Network . In a buzzword world of "sustainable" everything, there is nothing sustainable about how the US Government is behaving in the long run. Those who believe otherwise and point to places like Cuba as fine examples of the opposite forget that Cuba was sustainable only as long as it received foreign aid to help it sustain it's fantasy marxist economy. The US Government currently has "legacy costs", yes the one's the killed General Motors Corporation, that no country in history could support or sustain. Social Security looks like a giant unfunded ponzi scheme. It was designed as an annunity that would serve those who paid into it but thanks in part to goverment inflation abuse and to the politics of feeling good giving away other people's money it appears that there is not enough income generated by present day workers to pay for retirees and their families. Already it is not clear that the socail security system is solvent. The funds for social security maybe a high future inflation rate. With cost of living adjustments to social security pay outs it means that workers paying in will find goods and services out of reach for the money they have left after their social security payments are taken from pay checks and those retiring will just barely keep up with consumer prices. This is double taxation effectively hitting the workers paying into the program and to be sustainable would be a massive social experiment in personal sacrafice and a potential civil war of sorts between the generations. The Me generation of the 1960s will be saying, "ME ME ME ME ME..." and and their grandchildren workers will be saying, "We will have to move in with our grandparents to afford the rent and the hell with working--there is no money it it. Why work for slave wages?" .

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