Sunday, July 6, 2014

Utility Websites You Should Know About for Everyday Life

Utility Websites You Should Know About for Everyday Life formerly from Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . Here is a short list of some basic utility websites you should know about for everyday living. Having a computer makes it possible to get rid of all kinds of clutter and other devices you used to have to keep in your home and office. It is possible to rid your life of a lot of things of everyday life by just finding these basic utilities on the internet and not having to keep big bulky things like telephone books now that with the tips of your fingers you can do your searching on an internet search engine without having to flip any pages at all. Getting ride of bulky phone books gets rid of the urge to go find the phone book and then waste time thumbing trough it reading all the tiny fine print. The phone books and a lot more is now on line and easier than ever to utilize with a search engine. Not only can you dispose of the paper phone books and save a few trees you can get rid of junk mail and stop the time wasting bothersome calls by people trying to sell you stuff on the phone. Some day you might even be able to make toast for breakfast by going to Internet. Right now you can go to these sites and find worthwhile free utilities: Register your telephones to stop the junk calls. You go to this site and sign up entering your phone numbers to be on the do not call list. Then they send you an email after you register to confirm the numbers and put you on the list. After a period of time you may need to re register the same numbers once the junk calls start coming in again. Go to: and register. Get rid of junk mail and other unwanted intrusions into your life by going to: http://privacy Cleaning up junk mail clutter in your life is just the place to start. Look at these sites and see if they might be of use to you as a way to incorporate these kinds of everyday life experiences and devices into your computer life. Getting rid of redundancy by letting your computer do these things more efficiently and with one single device helps with having too much physical clutter in life. Click on each site to see what it does and see if it works for you: Not just the time. World time. Lunar cycles. Sunrise times and a lot more. The best most comprehensive mostly free people search on line including some genealogy. An online scientific calculator device with press buttons. An online cash register device. A simple online calculator/ adding machine with paper tape Set up an interactive personal calendar with Yahoo. Find the origins of words rather than just going to an online dictionary. See the complexity of government pretending to be doing absolutely everything. The online US Post Office. You can set up an account to print out postage here etc. A search engine alternative to Google. An online stop watch device. white pages with links to yellow pages. Financial calculators lots of different kinds for different problems. Set up your own local interactive weather map and get other weather information use it to zoom in on your home with a satellite view.. An online search-able bible. You can find every part of the bible where a word you look up occurs with references to the location in the bible. Translate foreign languages into English or from English to a foreign language by cutting and pasting text . Food Ingredient Encyclopedia and dictionary. What are those strange ingredients on the label you cannot pronounce? publish on google and get paid for your content CIA world fact book for armchair spies. What are your neighborhood houses worth as seen on a satellite or street map. should any of these links fail to work just google or yahoo them on search or find an alternative doing the exact same thing. at the moment of the writing of this piece these were the tested best sites at the time. .

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