Sunday, July 6, 2014

Want to Prove Communism Really Works? You Can Join a Communal Experiment Without Involving Government

Want to Prove Communism Really Works? You Can Join a Communal Experiment Without Involving Government Put Your Money Where Your Ideology is and Prove It! Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . Portland Oregon has its first restaurant where diners pay for what they order off the menu by donations only. Portland had a free yellow bike program that failed one or more times. Paris France has on and off car share programs where everyone in the community shares a key to the same cars parked thoughout the city. Now you can join the ultimate communist community without having to join a commune or going to live on a Kabutz. It is a grand experiment in realizing the Marxist socialism you say you believe in where each is allocated what he or she needs according to the doctine. It starts with a shared bank account. Everyone who becomes a member has automatic direct deposit of their wages to a single community bank acccount and everyone has an atm card to with draw money for their needs. Everything you can possibly buy automatically becomes community property so one can never expect to really own something when one buys it. That means if you put your new socks in the laundry someone else can pick them out of the dryer and wear them. It takes a village right? If you have kids they belong to the entire community just like the socks. The kids can then choose where they want to live especially if they don't like their parents. People might own houses and cars so these all become shared property too. You can then decide any night where you want to sleep if you can evict others from more popular community bedrooms. Talking about sleeping around--marriage is a kind of property based fuedalism according to Marism so in the communist experiment you can sleep with anyone in the community you feel like. It is immoral to treat spouses as chatal property of marriage in Marixism. If conflicts break out in the community that is the reason your Marxist community experiment needs to elect a dictator of the proletariot who will act as judge , jury and re distribution allocator if too many people want to sleep with the same woman in the same bed room in the same house. Of course the community dictator of the proletariot needs to be an eccentric cult figure and he needs to be heavily armed or just a thug who can lay down the law to keep communism working the way it is supposed to. According to Karl Marx he makes all the decisions to keep communism on track which means he can limit what individuals can take out of the community bank account for the greater good. He might want to use the money to buy a mansion or a palace to live in so as to show off the benefits of communism to the rest of the world. He can then make major decisions and invest money for soceity to improve the income of the group and in return for thoese services he might also need to build a fortress to defend himself against the rest of the community members who might someday want to consider replacing him with some other younger more cult like figure. .

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