Monday, July 7, 2014

Watch Out Big Brother is Watching You--written before Snowden reveals the NSA

Watch Out Big Brother is Watching You Lex Loeb Contributor Network . You are being monitored. You are being tracked. Your every movement is being recorded. The Government can now say , "We know where you are, we know what you are doing, If we want to we can see you, and soon we will able know what you are thinking and we are about to be able to predict what you are about to do next." Big brother already knows what you are thinking if you are feeling paranoid. A car speeds though a red light in Beaverton Oregon. Instead of stopping to call police that they have just caused a car wreck and injured a pedestrian they drive away as fast as they can. It is an ordinary every day hit and run except there is no such thing any more. Beaverton Oregon is not Mexico where hitting and running is the best way to stay out of jail it is ultra high tech USA and who ever done it is likely to be caught. Traffic cams are mounted on street poles at most likely red light runningn locations so the type of car that hit and ran is already known . Maybe the video camera caught the image of the liscence plate. Back at police investigation heaquarters the time of the hit and run is recorded and technology specialists are viewing a sort of live google style computer map showing the location of all the cell phone pings in the moment up to , before , durring and after the crash to see if whom may have been in the viscinity at the time of the crash and then they cross check types car registrations to names. In a process of elimination police investigators can figure out which cell phones sped though the intersection at what times and then follow them . If the hit and runner did not have a cell phone or had the batteries taken out there is some chance that the car has a GM onstar like tracking device in it that can be tracked on a saparate computer map. Only recently did GM onstar car owners who don't use the service from GM get the right to have tracking turned off in their cars as an option. GM is not the only car company that has put tracking devices in cars. Digital satalite radio also can contain tracking devices and some parents and companies install their own tracking devices all of which can be monitored by police quietly behind the scenes to see the data stream history around the time of any hit and run accident event. If that does not lead police in the right direction in their investigation the next place they go is the network of traffic camera and then to a net work of private video cams that monitor major intersections and even some unusual places that include alley. If that yields nothing and there is cause to believe that a hit and run suspect has to be found then they can request satalite image date that is capable of seeing and tracking liscence plate size object when the satalite happens to pass over. All of that data is constantly being recorded. It is hit or miss with the police in Beaverton but a national data base is being built up to monitor and track virtually everyone 24/7 . You are being tracked constantly especially if you carry a phone and use it the whole history is digitized and retained and the pings record your phone's location where ever it happens to go with you until the batteries are taken out. A super computer keeps tract of that and then matches you to remove video surveilence cams that can now be virtually anywhere and everywhere. Recently the Government has unveiled a disposable broacasting cam that is so small it can be planted bewteen the ridges of bark in trees or stuck to moving vechilces. These are being used on the US Texas Mexican border . Instead of continuuous video taping these work the way wild life cams do and only shoot frames of video when something is moving in front of the camera that is not the wind. The border patrol can then monitor each camera with a GPS set of cooridinates to stop illegal aliens attempting to cross the border using thousands of disposable cameras planted everywhere . Mess with on that is active and you are on candid camera. You might find these in your own home and even in your refrigerator or bathroom. Government is getting crazy and inventive where to plant miniature cameras including flat models that can come on soap bottle caps and stuck to food packaging. If the food police want to know what you are eating and when they only need to stick enough of these to foods you are likely to buy at any grocery store. Some of these thin cameras go right into any local wifi network giving uncle sam unprecidented access. If big brother can watch you he probably is. He knows everything you do online and is keeping a data record of that , your phone use , your pings, and is monitoring you by disposable film video cameras indoors and out, Super computers are patching it all together so they have a complete history of virtually everything you might be doing 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The computer then attempt to predict what you might do next. That technology is based on statistical analysis of the data being collected and so far they can figure out just how programed your every day life is. Soon you might be getting a notice in the mail from Uncle Sam saying, "Dude, You are too predictable". Big Brother is not concerned that you are just a member of the criminal element. No they are watching to see just how many federal state and local laws you may be violating and building up a long term case on you just in case they someday have to send men in black to your residence with a black bag to pull over your head. They can't do that without probable cause say their attorneys so in order to get enough probable cause in advance the lawyers instruct them to track and monitor people relentlessly because chances are they are doing something illegal and if they can't find anything they will go to congress to make new laws so some law will always have been broken to arrest virtually anyone with enough probable cause that some crime or minor may have been commited. Did you know it is a crime to have your home thermostat turned up over 78 degrees? If it is not a crime now it will be. Yes now with smart meters on electric input to homes and businesses government is monitoring your energy use. They are monitoring your use of credit cards, your bank account statements and your utility bills. All that data is going into super computers. The whole Big Brother Monitoring program is based on what the NSA is doing to world leaders like the Premier of China and other communist party members. They have a digital map showing the daily footsteps of the premier of china and they have video of him sitting on the toilet, eating and they even monitoro what he is reading. The NSA has a special monitoring and tracking room just for Kim Il Sung of North Korea. He is on Video 24 hours 7 days a week and is clueless he is being watched. After big brother learned to do that seemlessly to the choice dictators of the world they realized they can be doing the exact same to you especially now that super computer time is virtually free and data bases are nearing infinite. The NSA can also tap into all of Britains video cams and financiers doing business in London beware they are fair game. The NSA is the biggest exploiter of inside information so long as it is not collected on US soil. The NSA has learned how to tap into foreign monitoring and tracking of US citizens on US soil so they welcome cuban ,russian and chinese monitoring because that way they can monitor you. Government needs to know everything about and everything you say and do because they are caring for you as a citizen. You need government care otherwise there would be complete chaos and anarchy. Now that you know how big brother is monitoring your every move it is time to fight back. Switch cell phones with your friends and sometimes even with strangers. Use cash and not credit cards as often as you can. Beware some bills are now capable of recording your finger prints and retain a complete finger print record of everyone who touches them up to 200,000 touches. So try using older bills. To fall off of Big brother's map turn off your devices, get off the phone, get off the internet more often and call random people in the phone book . When they answer just say "Hello this is an intentional wrong number" but don't use those words because your voice data is now also being recorded. You can also mail your cell phone and let the government track it in the US Mail system or just buy those disposable phones but beware you buy those because you want big brother to track it ever more than usual. Messing up their data stream is the best and only way to stop a George Orwell 1984 style world of big brother. Beware in your home that mirror you install now automatically contain disposible sometimes solar energy cell film video monitoring devices just like in Orwell's book so Big brother can always have that one way mirror effect in your most private locations. If you are lucky to become a Senator like Chuck Shumer you get to go behind the scenes and watch people's everyday lives in one of the secret big brother theathers which have full size theater screens where power players like Hillary Clinton go to watch the lives of celebrities and enemy politicians playing out live on a full size screen or just on their cell phone monitor. If you are a congressman and are on the national security you can go down into the basement to watch the kim ill sung life theater anytime night or day. It is a lot of fun to watch because the images switch back and forth from one divice to the next one time you see ground penetrating images from within a bunker or a house or in the amrored train and the next you see exactly what he is reading or eating. It is great fun watching him get angry and ordering summary executions. Beware they are also watching you. Rogue NSA people are watching the Obama cam and the bill clinton cam. They can tell you every detail of what really happened with vince foster and with monica lewinksy but they dare not because they are getting the data out of Russian monitors via cuba and they know they could be terminated if caught. These guys stay off the radar themselves with out a trace because they alter all their devices and work from the insides of the most secure information snooping bunker on earth . They are being monitored so they keep an even lower profile. Trust absolutely no one is their moto which is why they have the brain anurism gun to errase memory of their colleges when necessary. .

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