Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weight Loss Diet Theory for the Mad Scientist

Weight Loss Diet Theory for the Mad Scientist Weight Loss Diets Have Various Scientific Theories Behind Them. Actual Results May Vary Lex Loeb Contributor Network . This is a serious piece about the science of weight loss dieting. The statistics seem to show that a lot of diets seem to work for a while and then their benefits fade with the weigh lost being regained. The back fire diet is one of the most common. Starvation is a sure way to lead to near term over eating. Starvation is the magic way to achieve hunger. Starvation is the number one diet theory. The next theory is selective starvation which has to do with removing bad foods from the diet and/ or finding subsitutes. Selective starvation usually leads to frustration which culminates in ever greater hunger especially for what ever it is that is left out of the diet. Another theory is to make the person on the diet feel stuffed as if they have already eaten. There are various ways to accomplish this such as eating dried sea weed that expodes in volume after it absorbes water. Another theory is to grind up cardboard and use it as filler in regular foods allowed on the diet because the cellulous in the cardboard is not digested. That is the filler diet. Another theory is to add to the diet a sort of fertilizer for the bacteria living in the colon and intestine. If normal digestive bacteria are given fertizer they may better reproduce themselves instead of allowing .

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