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Welfare Fraud is Out of Control in America. Dead People Are Not the Only One's Getting Monthly Government Checks!

Welfare Fraud is Out of Control in America. Dead People Are Not the Only One's Getting Monthly Government Checks! Lex Contributor Network . Yes there are dead people put away in freezers by spouse just so they can collect social security payments ! It is not just an urban myth or something I conveniently made up! Here is just one example. There are more to yahoo search for if you dare! None are too hard to find if you alternate various keywords. Of course the government does not want to give copy cats ideas nor does the big welfare state progressive media. The system is not broken it is run by machines because it is completely impossible for ordinary mortals to decide who to redistribute all the cash government collects according to the socialist Marxist credo for each according to his need. It is no easy task to get money and support to those who most need it. Government would have to hire an army of people larger than all the families and church congregations in the Nation just to do better than they already do . Computers collect and match identification numbers to addresses and claimants. That is the only way it can be done on the vast scale of 50 states and more than 350 million eligible people. The government has opted for using direct deposit not just believing it can prevent some fraud and abuse but because it saves loads of money not having to print and mail tons of checks on a regular basis. Checks don't just go out to individuals but to care takers and to state government on behalf of the listed claimants they have on file. Government computers save labor and government will go out of the way to hire more people to harvest taxes as per agencies like the IRS than they will spend policing the spending. This has been the case throughout world history. No one could control the spending habits of Emperor Nero for example. If he had a bureaucracy set up to provide quality entertainment for the Roman People those people would pretty much be able to spend as much as they they needed without the Emperor being too concerned about over spending or errors in spending but when it came to collecting taxes to fund it Nero would have wanted more checks and balances to be sure that he was getting all he could possibly get in the great money harvest Rome was famous for. Politicians in business buying votes for allowing entitlements to be maximized don't really want to upset their bought constituents. So someone has their deceased wife in the freezer so he can continue receiving her social security benefits by direct deposit- Well maybe it cost the government a little more but is it a crime? Maybe the poor guy just needed the money. Yes needed it! It is each according to his need. So who is to decide what some one's need really is? The government? Well How dare the government decide that someone should not need a bit more extra money on a regular basis as he still will have to report it as potential income on his tax statements. The computers that run the system are far more efficient than having a million people play social worker because they cost a lot less even with the apparent known fraud. It is like major retail stores that know they are shoplifted on a regular basis. They don't shut down the stores just because shop lifters steal say 10 percent of their merchandise but put it down as a cost of doing business just because shoplifting is unavoidable unfortunately. The government in the business of having a major welfare state would not exist had it not been for the existence of IBM. International business machines and big government are joined at the hip or at least they were when IBM was virtually the only place to get main frame computers from when the systems were first put in place . Big mainframes were completely indispensable in developing the welfare systems we know know and love. It might have started out that every person in the system once had a punch card corresponding to their existence as a social security number in the flesh. Before the computer the welfare system would have had to work the old fashioned ways as entries in books sort of the way old deed were collected in townships and counties as hand written entries. One can go online and find some of these old recorded documents including what comes to mind as the Ellis Island records. There Names and maybe numbers were assigned to people arriving by ship in NYC. Think of that kind of record keeping for 350 plus million people to have perhaps 40 plus percent of them receiving regular government benefit payments and you will realize quickly the reason why having social security numbers assigned to each individual became the solution going back to FDR. Things have only become even more complex with issues of disability income and child support payments, military benefits, grants, special circumstances benefits and now out of work payments. Much of these funds are counterbalanced with payments to the government in various forms but not all which leads to the problems of budget deficits as the entire entitlement platform is about people believing they have either earned the right or the privilege to receive the funding or that just have to coming to them as a sacred rite of being a citizen in good standing. Entitlements are nearly impossible to terminate once people become dependent on that funding. People change their lives in order to make it possible to receive the maximum about available by law or by having officials discern special circumstances and they build their lives around the payments such as not being more productive when they can be more productive and then lose the funding. It is not true that entitlement's lead to slavery because welfare recipients will march on Rome or Paris or Washington DC to demand they get paid more unlike you will ever see slaves do. The Spartacus rebellion in Rome was about slaves ridding themselves of all welfare benefits they had as slaves and seeking freedom with the chance that they could again end up as slaves again. Slaves never revolt for higher welfare funding payments they tend to revolt to get the chains taken off and either leave or get recognized as citizens. Simple economics is that slaves want to be free and welfare recipients only want to be free to receive more benefits. That is why in the US congress we have the council of mothers and the National Dead Beat Association. When people talk about the book called the Road to Serfdom it is not about actual serfdom just a slow transition in that direction. The Soviet Union was built out of a nation of serfs and worked to keep the serfs believing that continued hard work for the community as opposed to wealthy land owners would bring them juicy benefits. That is not what really happened except in some feature propaganda pieces. Serfs pretty much remained serfs under communism because serfdom was never something that capitalism created. Capitalism with the hierarchy of nobility and royals could be said to tolerate serfdom but capitalism was not the political organization of Tsarist Russia! Entitlement programs are the benefits that go back in history to the Roman bread and circus analogy. Entitlements are pay offs either for political support to particular classes invited to participate or they are designed to appeal to the public as a means of as a benefit provided by being a member of a group such as a citizen or having to do with getting compensated for time and effort put into some government endeavor. Definitely not slavery by any means but it can lead in that direction because it ultimately gives government's caprice and arbitrary decision making the ability to redefine what is fair compensation as an entitlement and that makes the value very easy to dilute and debase. Beggars can't be choosers and beggars are not slaves but free agents. Dependency does slowly turn a mob of entitled people into a class of slaves as did happen in Ancient Rome because depending on the state for all one's needs ultimately means you can only take what they give you and you risk that at some point they have no one left to tax to pay for the benefits of the leisure welfare recipient class. Government then goes into the Job creation business and while doing so and seeing so many people waiting to get something for nothing they realize conscription works very well. Welfare recipients make horrible slaves they are too entitled in their mental way of thinking and acting as the entitled believing that the rich should be their slaves since they provide the money. Once that happens all of society breaks down and the economy cannot function as an incentive economy because no one has any desire to produce excess goods and services only to have to give them all away for free. There is no reason for altruism at the point that it becomes forced altruism. It is a super highway to the complete and utter destruction of a functioning economy but not to serfdom. What happened with ancient Rome under Constantine is that the Emperor just moved his capital to a different city leaving Rome's entitlement class to its own ways. The best and the brightest of ancient Rome with Capital could move anywhere within the empire they wanted to go and found they could avoid all taxes or moved on with the emperor to Constantinople. Constantinople became the wealthiest city , a roman city, on earth while Rome found it was unable to support the welfare requirements. The Emperor helped aid the decline of the old Roman Capitol as he put all the new expenditures into the new capitol. The welfare class of Rome proper had the financial rug pulled out from under it. Constantine did keep sending Rome funds from the taxation of the provinces but as the new capitol became cemented into place after Constantine the welfare benefits stopped flowing to Rome and instead made Constantinople the great new city. Constantine needed the support of the city of Rome and he left his mark there but that would not stop old Rome from falling into decline and chaos as Constantinople became the new world capitol at first with fewer welfare recipients and it too finding it had too many as hundreds of years passed by. Constantinople did not leave Rome for no reason. He left because he could save money on welfare payments just by not having to face a mob there. He was not the first emperor to figure that out. Roman emperors set up places way out side of Rome for the same reason. The ones in palaces locked in the center of Rome were the ones who did not fare too well when the mobs rose up against them. Nero's big mistake was not having his palace on Capri or out in the country side like Hadrian's villa or Diocletian's place where the supportive army of state was the town the emperor and no potential mob. Nero build his palace right smack in the center of Rome proper which was a terrible idea for an emperor as disliked as he was. Had Rome had computers my guess is it may not have disappeared and we would still be roman citizens getting our bread and circus vouchers by direct deposit and Romans dead over 2000 years ago would still be getting retirement checks. Computers really made the impossible possible when it came to instituting each according to his need socialism but it did so with a trade off that made people into computer identifiable numbers which is what leads to most of the fraud in the system. Computers can only match numbers and then sort them they can't do any kind of direct welfare census. The cost of government being parents to each and every American would be so high that one of the largest corps of workers would have to be in that business. Paying the many people would cost the government too many tax payers doing more productive things and it would become it's own separate entitlement program that would multiply government costs Children in foster families will continue to remain unreported as missing as foster families will know they can still have the money directly deposited to their bank accounts on behalf of the lost children. The same thing happens in homes for elder care where the US treasury automatically sends the direct deposit checks to the facility management. The Reverend Jim Jones who murdered his entire congregation in Guiana used welfare fraud to create his religious empire in the first place. He went out and farmed / found welfare recipients who were getting government benefit checks for a variety of reasons and used the money to establish his socialist paradise in Guiana. He turned those people who trusted him into slaves on a plantation before he killed them all with the poison spiked kool aid. It turns out that a lot of them were automatically having US direct deposit or US treasury checks on their behalf sent to the Jim Jone's people's temple bank accounts. This is the way the country has to go being the kind of computer controlled welfare state it is. We are not all drinking the same kool aid! .

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