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What Does Burning Cats Alive Have in Common with Al Gore and His Opinions on Global Warming?

What Does Burning Cats Alive Have in Common with Al Gore and His Opinions on Global Warming? The Consequences of Mistaken Scientific Conclusions Can Be Deadly Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The common domesticated cat is still deemed by some to be a mystical animal. The reflectivity of a cat's eyes at night is one reason why cats have this reputation. The domesticated cat populated much of the world of antiquity because ship owners found them to be beneficial to commerce. Any ship of any size in port with a cargo of food stuff or grains was in immediate danger of having rats and mice on board ready and able to ruin an entire ship load with weeks or months in transit. The ancient Phoenicians, a sea going people who probably pre date the ancient Greeks, allowed cats on board ship for exactly this reason. In the middle ages when some of the most sophisticated people in Europe were promoting the horrors of the inquisitions and very popular witch hunts as the educated authorities on the subject, Cats became a target, Not as heretics as people did but as a link between the devil and his terrestrial army of witches in the community. Cats were considered "Bewitches" --one of the catalysts (cat-alysts) that took ordinary women and transformed them into dangerous hag witches. The eyes of the cat entranced people for centuries and millennial going back to before ancient Egypt. Cats were routinely bread to be killed on demand at one popular ancient Egyptian shrine and then mummified to order as a sacrificial offering. Those who believe that the Egyptians worshiped cats don't know the whole story. Some probably were worshiped but that did end in mortal sacrifice for far too many. Mummified cats and kittens are dug up in numbers that rival the number of human mummies found around the pertinent shrines. The cat killing ritual of the ancient Egyptians went on for 1000s of years which accounts for the huge number of cat mummies found by archaeologists, Cat sacrifices resulted in good luck especially in the realm of human fertility so the ancient Egyptians believed. It may have all started when some priest first observed cats eyes glowing at night? The Europeans of the middle ages with their scientific authorities of the era who represented accused witches before the Inquisitions and witch trials believed that cats suckled on the teats of women . Evidence was found in trials by stripping suspected witches bare to find out if they had the mark of the devil on their breasts or elsewhere on their bodies. Moles and birth marks were considered enough evidence to identify an actual witch. It was the high science of their time. In some cases, suspected and found witches could be saved by admitting they were witches and reforming or maybe otherwise, they could be summarily burned alive. Their cats did not fare any better. In the middle ages it was a common occurrence that cats were burned alive as entertainment at the devils expense. Cats with their evil night glowing eyes, especially near an open fire were routinely placed in wicker cages and baskets and burned alive over Bonn fires. The experts on the subject at the time told the common people that the reason for burning cats alive slowly was to hear the devil coming out of them with the cats screaming in severely prolonged pain. Cat burnings were high entertainment of the time and of course considered to be an important respectable means of ridding towns and villages of the devil and his demonic influence. Those who caught cats for this purpose were performing what was considered to be an important public service. Unfortunately for Europe, Cat burnings ultimately had unintended dangerous consequences. Plague and the Black Death correspond to the precise periods of time in European history when cat burnings were most successful of ridding European towns and cities of the devil eye -evil eye cats. Rodent populations went unchecked with so few cats creating the essential conditions for transmission of the plague and black death though out Europe. The realization that the best science of the time would have this unintended consequence was not known until Science improved sufficiently after the industrial revolution. Cat populations came back after the people killing them had died out in the black death. How does this relate to Al Gore's science of Global Warming? It does because of the unintended consequences of the Gore theory not necessarily being the correct. The environmental "scientists" quick to say they have consensus science on their side about global warming also admit to a high level of uncertainty in their findings. They readily acknowledge that their theory may be completely wrong but say we have no choice but to go along with their belief in the certainty because if the theory does happen to be correct will will all suffer the harm done by allowing global warming to happen. They have to admit that the only way we can know their theory is ultimately proved correct is to go along with what they say is right or suffer consequences we cannot ever consider suffering. That is what they have in common with the cat burning experts of the middle ages. This did not just happen once in history. It was repeated by the communists in china under Mao. Mao considered cats to be a bourgeois waste that consumed food that people need and made the declaration that cats should be killed off and eaten not kept as pets. The population of cats in China declined precipitously and the Plague did re-appear. The air we exhale is full of the new devil that is according to our "environmental scientists" is going to doom the earth to excessive climate change. The burning of fossil fuels which makes our economies far better than subsistence living and completely sustainable is deemed to be the devil now. The problem is that anyone who dares tell the global warming consensus scientists that they may be wrong is now a heretic or a witch. This is an ongoing witch hunt in American higher education facilities including full universities. Saying there is a consensus in the science does not remove the fact that there is a minority that is saying that the science may be wrong. Yes we can follow Al Gore and his political movement with their high environmental priests and burn some cats alive to hear the devil come out of them as they scream with agony over a long period of time before expiring because that is all the scientific proof we need or we can risk global warming and see the planet destroyed because we still want to use gasoline in our automobiles! When the Proof is in the burning of the cat It seems to some people that the science is lacking. That does not even address the unintended consequences that might result if the green house gas global warming theory is indeed a complete fabrication. We won't know what the unintended consequences are until it is too late but we might expect our economy to be wrecked in the mean time. It is hard to believe that our economy will necessarily recover if the carbon based aspects of it are removed. No one in Europe who believed in the nonsense of cats burning to rid the place of the devil ever figured out there might be a connection between those popular sacrificial rites and black death. When the black death did arrive in Europe. The witch hunts only stepped up in intensity. It will be the same in an Al gore weather station world, where when the temperature goes up we prove the theory and when the temperature goes down we also prove the theory. We end up with a world wide priest hood of the weather and temples dedicated to sacrificing to the mother earth goddess and no mater what the weather is or becomes the priests always saved us or they blame it on cats and we go back to burning them as the global warming devil and after that we could go on witch hunts beyond the university. If Al Gore can prove that a cat is the incarnate of the devil than I am also gullible enough to believe the planet is being ruined by industrial carbon dioxide emissions but only those from fossil fuels and not form bio mass! .


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