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What if?

Trying to Answer Talk Show Host Glenn Beck's More Persistent Questions the Way the Whitehouse Would it Had the Guts to Allow Beck to Interview the President Directly Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Non-journalist opinion-mister Glenn Beck is still waiting for his Whitehouse hot line to start ringing so that one of the policy wonks in the Obama Whitehouse will explain what is really going on with a window on the real intentions of the administration. I don't work at the Whitehouse but I am willing to to try and call Beck on his red hot line and tell him what is going on from the prospective of someone who has been involved watching American academia and occasionally reading alternative magazines and newspapers. Most of what gives me the experience to answer his most persistent questions is living here in Portland, Oregon and knowing exactly what the Whitehouse game plan is because Portland, Oregon sees itself as an advanced alternative civilization to the rest of the USA. Portland, Oregon is also one of the most corrupt City in one of the most corrupt states in the country with a constant barrage of manufactured propaganda supporting the unsupportable. Portland, Oregon is what the environmental kooks call the canary in the coal mine. The bird is sitting on the bottom of the cage dead already but the government continues to pipe in canary song to keep let us know all is well in the coal mine. Portland dreams in green but the success is all part of one big lie. In Portland, Oregon we already have a microcosm of what President Obama aims to turn Washington , DC and the rest of the country into. In Oregon we have an unemployment rate that already is as high as it was in the great depression if you happen to count the people who are not looking for jobs as unemployed. Some estimates put Oregon's unemployment at 25 percent! The State of Oregon and the City of Portland have almost destroyed private property right except for the purpose of the fantasy that they really own something that can be taxed. Home owners , farmers and especially forest and rangeland owners might as well just be renting the properties they own from the state government because of the extreme over regulation. The environmentalist completely control the state and they can take your existing water rights without paying compensation or tell you that if you have less than 80 acres you can't live in a home built on your property or even haul in a trailer! This is not the America or the Oregon for most of the people who bought property in the state when most of them bought it. Portland and Multnomah county are amazingly corrupt and even more corrupt than much of the rest of the state. The city is trying to force people to ride bicycles or mass transit doing everything possible including artificially limiting the number of parking spaces everywhere in the city. The city and county have even proposed new rules that won't allow homes to have garages while at the same time they are painting no parking zone yellow lines in front of everyone's homes. Requiring urban residents with front and back yards to have "high density" housing it is easier to get a permit to build a row houses on your front lawn than to park your car on the lawn to save it from the meter maid. The City of Portland is one of the biggest urban sprawl areas on earth in terms of area and most of this sprawl was planned by previous administrations that built feeder freeways to allow development in areas that were once rural farm lands but they drew arbitrary boundaries so only their friends properties could reap the benefits of being able to sell to developers while arbitrarily on the other side of the line farm land is "preserved" , sort of, since what has happened is mc Mansions now get built on the other side of the line and the high density tract houses go on the other side and then political cronies can get the urban growth lines moved where convent because the developers have quickly run out of inexpensive develop able land on the other side of the magic line. The state of oregon mean while is attempting to turn the state into one big national park without paying existing owners for all the onerous regulations they have to abide by, Most of these regulation are just designed to drive out the people who own the properties or keep them in a safe peasant or serf like state of subsistence so the urban gentry can drive their Mercedes Benz cars and not see the kind of sprawling suburban strip malls they all made their fortunes from. The state of Oregon is overrun by state employees union and their votes in elections are worth 4 to 6 times what an average voter's is worth. These state employees unions control our schools so that in Portland we pay over 15,000 dollars per student instead of the $4000 per student some private schools charge and we don't even graduate 60% of the students. The public employees are not public workers. When actual work needs to be done the state/ city hires subcontractors,usually at exorbitant no bid rates as political pay back arrangements. The unionized school janitors were let go to hire cheaper independent contractors that saved some of the $15,000 per student for more educational purposes but they sued and got their jobs back because those jobs are entitlements. Those people are as entitled as the taxpayer is to pay for that nonsense and forever! There was one instance when the administration was acting as an administration and not letting an unelected union run everything and somehow the union could go judge shopping and get what ever result they wanted. That is justice in Oregon and if you don't believe me you can read it in the Oregonian. So where acutely does $15,000 go per student in k-12? It is actually illegal to ask that kind of question. There are layers and layers of important entitlement jobs to protect and some of those jobs happen to be for the information police and the school districts spend a lot of money on information police because secrets like the school district encouraging students to drop out can raise the score of an individual school to make the results seem more positive than they really are. The schools teach mostly psychobabble and environmental pink-ism but a few students in the various districts to rise to the top as educated people in spite of having logs as teachers. Even more horrible is parents see their kids bringing home gobs of home work and most of it pretty stupid stuff. Educated parents wonder why the their kids spend so many hours in the school if they don't learn anything there instead bringing home all kinds of mindless busy work, But don't ever dare complain to a teacher or a school administrator--They can put your kid on mind numbing drugs and if you complain than you are "abusive." You do not rock the boat where everyone is getting paid 4-10 times what the average worker gets in Oregon because these are the nobility that control your government. The biggest toxic super fund site is the public school system. Even at $15,000 per student the system continues to complain it is broke and needs every kind of new tax and every existing tax hiked to go on up to $30,000 or more per student because then they might be able to graduate 62 percent of the kids instead of just 60%. The Oregon Prison system costs tax payers at least $30,000 per prisoner per year which is twice what education costs--no wonder there are so many repeat offenders. The boondoggle prison system is proving to be a complete waste of tax payer money. Once again layers of unionized government noblemen control the prisons like it is a private business. In Multnomah county the jails try to bill the prisoners for their stays like a five star hotel. This is not because there is too little money but because there is too much money and too much time on their hands. If a person files a false arrest case wins the case they still get the bill for their prison services. This all began because Multnomah county found that it could do what the library did to make sure they get more funding. The library shut down 3 or 4 days a week until tax payers gave them the extortion money they wanted to build a bunch of fancy new offices on top of the main library. So the county jail decided they would let out dangerous offenders and invite the TV cameras to show them happily leaving jail and getting their confiscated weapons back. Great extortion plan worked and tax payers pay up with multiple new bond measures on their tax bills. It is no wonder the public school system wants to emulate what the justice system does. Soon parents will get a bill for free public school education on top of the taxes everyone is already paying. You see that is what the Obama administration is all about but on a national level. You want to tax people as many different ways as possible for the same wretched services you provide and make sure there are even more wretched services to employ more entitlement for life job seekers who work to get particular politicians elected. That makes perfect sense which is why in Portland we have agencies like Metro--They own the zoo, or rather we do and they call it a public zoo tax your property and income to pay for the zoo and then charge you a separate admission fee to actually set foot in the public zoon on top of the other charges. Since when did government need to run what acts like a private money making zoo? Well if you ask us here in the Obama Whitehouse that is our plan for the country. You get to pay for services that don't serve you and we call them services that are essential and then double or triple charge you while making big propaganda headlines all the time about how the zoo is helping to save the earth. That is the real reason we have a publicly owned zoo to save the earth and keep higher than average entitlement jobs for the nobility in a place they like working. Of course Metro is one of those alternative superlatives that makes Portland, Oregon so special. That agency is a big adult day care center for people with entitlement jobs to pretend to be working 7 days a week at very high rates of pay. Where is the pay Czar when you need him? Metro is the regional communist shadow government that decides you need green spaces and can't own private property. They target private properties whose owners preserved the properties for acquisition and need ever more money and then you find out what they buy for the public go there and find no trespassing signs up on your public ownership open spaces! That is really getting to be so annoying. In some cases the state or metro buys up these properties for parks and you find public employees living in the homes they bought as freebies. This is the way our alternative communist redistribution system is going to work on a national basis. Get used to it. You see state officials bring order to society and hence have to be rewarded for doing so. Essentially they can take what ever they want for what ever reason. The state's holdings of property is growing and growing but they can't tax those properties once in state ownership so they end up raising the taxes on everyone else or making smaller and smaller lots called high density lots to make people more like the quaint European serfs that admire so much for knowing their very limited lot in life. This is the new Obama America. Oregonians now have one of the highest tax bills in the country and the state of Oregon will not allow you to have your property taxes lowered unless the house practically burns to the ground thanks to a shopped judges decision to take revenge on tax payers for voting to limit property taxes to 3 percent. Oregonians particularly seniors get forced out of their homes to pay the taxes. They have paid for way too many children to go to school over the years after they pass their 70th birthday already but the state then gives them the option to deffer the taxes so the state ends up owning their homes instead of doing what is right and giving them the tax break they deserve. You see the income tax and the property tax and the estate tax in oregon is not enough for the state employee unions who have created unsustainable promises to fund their retirements at everyone else's expense even when their great managers keep going broke. The one guy who fought this was sued by the unions for daring to challenge them in an election where the poor public employees union had to take lunch money from their card check employees and pay to fight a public initiative against their control over the democratic government of the state of Oregon. The public actually believes the propaganda that there is fraud in suggesting an initiative to control the cost of government in the state of oregon. The state judges get the same promised lucrative pensions where they can retire at age 50 with $20,000 a month and do everything possible to destroy the people who dare to propose cost saving state initiatives. People never seem to wonder how in every election in Oregon the voters get a choice of one lawyer running for each judge's office. Thats the way the old Roman Empire worked which is why our governors in the state of Oregon act more and more imperial as the days go by. It is no wonder the Obama presidency sees the need for an imperial presidency but then Karl Marx got the idea for a dictator of the proletariat from the ancient Roman Emperors who did advance the working class unions to gain total control of the Roman Empire. Oregon expands our state parks and finds new ways to charge us day use fees and camping fee when we already pay too much in our income taxes for the same damn parks. Everything in the State of Oregon has become a business running what is also called a public service. We get more and more absolutely necessary public services and the bill for these plus the usage fee and the licensing fees and new taxes. You see this is all about becoming Green. See I can explain it easily to Glen Beck. Just come to Oregon and see how it works. Of course you can find the same wholesome government working in places like Boston, New York and San Francisco but you see Oregon is the total Utopian Paradise our propaganda says it is. It does not mater if the government runs a scam like department of environmental quality vehicle testing where there is no scientific evidence that it serves any real purpose other than to employ a bunch of people at high wages and charge automobile owners a tax to test cars that come with factory certification. It does not mater if everything said is a big lie or a small lie, it just has to be the right lie. Glen Beck keeps hinting that there is an unanswered question pertaining to why the Obama administration is behaving the way it is. The Simple answer is human nature. Think of the ancient pre-historic existence of humans on this planet in their savage wild state. Evidence abounds that humans have existed on this planet for a very long time, at least a million years in development. We all have savage prehistoric ancestors we may not be proud of. The Human species suddenly appears in nature and up until around 7000 years ago when the first traces of civilization begin to appear, our human ancestors were living as hunter gather savages. The stereotype caveman character is what most people think about. They lived in a pristine place like Portland, oregon Some who don't believe in evolution or development of the species out of nature still have to contend with the savage nature of their ancestors and just going back a few hundred years ago. Humans in prehistoric times are usually thought to be bound to the balance of the world's ecosystems. Theories abound that mankind caused mass extinctions of flora and fauna using simple stone tools and fire . A few contend that back in the ancient prehistory pre-history of humans mankind lived in perfect balance with nature. Neither theory is probably true. If humans had the power to destroy ecosystems and not just alter them the earth would have been a dead zone a long time ago. If humans were in perfect balance with the ecosystems then we probably would have never become civilized. The assumptions that humans are on the top of the food chain as the ultimate predator of the rest of nature is equally absurd because again there would be no need to develop domesticated plants and animal life based agriculture and no reason to go from there to civilization. Animals in perfect balance with nature in their ecosystems are programed by instinct to behave according to necessity. If humans had natural instincts apparently they have almost all been lost. The recorded history of humans can tell us more about the prehistoric past of our ancestors. The place to start is by contesting the notion that the world's oldest profession is prostitution. The world's oldest profession is not prostitution. That is a complete fantasy by it self. The first professionals were those knew how to hunt and gather necessities from the environment for consumption by a family or a group of humans. A professional has to be of service to others. Prostitution was unnecessary among savage prehistoric people because of it was illogical because humans are an aggressive sort. The thinking is that females might sell sex for red meat caught by the male hunters in a tribe? It is actually absurd to believe that it was only the males who hunted. The first professions would have been hunting gathering and then next professions to develop would have been stealing what others had produced in the acts of hard work. Going all the way back to prehistoric times it is possible to answer the Glen Beck Why question by saying that there has always been among humans the gimme gimme democratic party. The people who go about being self sufficient as much as possible and want to live off the fruits of their own labors are alway at risk of want and envy by those who do without. Threatening someone to get some of what they worked for for free or forcing them to give up some or all of what they found or produced and proclaiming the theft was done in the community's best interests is the sorry tale of human existence for millennial. If some tribe is good at hunting and taking down wild game it can be a lot easier for another tribe to skip the dangerous hunting part and just steal it from someone else who already has it. Piracy or "redistribution" by force came into existence a long time before prostitution arrived. In order for prostitution to have come about first money would have had to be invented. Trading sex with a prostitute for a goat just was unlikely to happen before people organized to just go out and steal a goat. The Whitehouse should pick up the phone and immediately call the Glen Beck red hot line and tell him that Piracy is the world's oldest profession , that they learned it at Harvard and prostitution is a much more advanced human activity. The Whitehouse should also explain why it intends to wreck the US economy as much as possible. I went to college and read the communist manifesto for history class it does talk about the need for destabilizing revolution so as to implement new social order under a dictatorship. Just because I read it does not mean i believed it. The spokesperson in the Obama administration calling Glen Beck should explain that they went to Harvard and Yale, read the communist manifesto and believe it. Glen is right this Whitehouse promised transparency so it is time they call Beck and set the record straight with clarity. You see the problem is we all have too much freedom and too much liberty. We voted for Obama to control us. He said during the election he is not going to change America but is going to change Americans. I need to be changed because I exhale too much carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is an evil spirit global warming power and that is one more reason I should keep my mouth shut. The Whitehouse then should explain the new national value added tax on breathing and how it fits in with the national health care plan which will prevent us from becoming too old and expensive for the state services we need. Glen Beck should get with it the Obama mania and stop trying to make sense of that are not supposed to make sense. Just go with the flow so these goofballs in congress and the Whitehouse can redistribute to themselves everything they need and want and then take care of the rest of us they are concerned with as if they were our parents. We have to trust someone even if it is some guy up on top of a pyramid cutting out the heart of a sacrificial victim watching the heart beat and drinking the blood because he is going to prevent the earth from getting to hot and make sure it keeps raining for the fertility of the crops. We need a bigger taller temple for Al Gore to live on top of in a grass hut so he can sacrifice more of us when necessary. If the Whitehouse won't call Beck and explain it to him than hire me to man the Glen Beck Hot line at the Whitehouse and I will call Glen and explain it to him two or three times as necessary. Oh and the president is a constitutional scholar--the Constitution is only what the supreme court says it says even if they change the definitions every other day. (it says so in the Constitution) 4 or 5 new judges and President Obama can do anything he wants to do including calling himself Emperor Caesar Nero. There is a very fine line between the history of the Roman republic and that of the empire that replaced it as both the Roman Republic and The Empire were controlled by oligarchies and had civil war engagements for the right of succession to power. The Roman emperors solidified power and tended to redistribute the oligarch positions rather than have the oligarchs put the emperor in power. That really was the main transformation that Gibbons may have missed. The founding of the USA was an attempt to prevent the abuses of both the histories of the Ancient Roman Republic and the empire. The same books explaining the history of the Ancient Romans and Greeks were available to the founding fathers to read as are available to us. There are many ways the Constitution of the United States immolates the political realities of ancient times and not of contemporary Europe. Some reading of the US Constitution shows a break from the abuses of the empire with an emphasis on the establishment of a republican form of government and yet the power of the presidency is not severely limited other than by a limited term in office with no original number of terms that could be served mandated. The US Constitution could very well have been calling for something more akin to the Roman Imperial government because of the commander and chief designation of the president. George Washington was at one point practically offered the office as a king or emperor and refused to assume that power. Part of the reason might have been that the first president was concerned with succession with no viable heir to succeed him. In the beginning the Constitution could have been amended to suit the wishes of George Washington. Washington would have been living an anachronism if he believed in violent revolution to foment a communist revolution since Karl Marx had not published that at the founding of the United States. If you get a chance do read a copy of the communist revolution and see how Obama administration terms like "redistribution" and "revolution" play a definite roll in the ideology. The whole idea Karl Marx's dictator of the proletariat came from Napoleon who modeled his imperial status, of course, after the Roman Emperors to distinguish himself from the imperial royal families of Europe who were at war with him. Napoleon was Marx's prototypical revolutionary dictator of the proletariat that does mix liberty , equality and French revolutionary fraternity which for Marx was inclusiveness of European minorities into the revolutionary movement. To Answer Glen Beck's questions if the administration does truly intend to shake the US economy to the core to increase it's power the answer has to be yes when they talk about major redistribution policies that the US Supreme Court may have never reviewed to determine the constitutionality according to the president. Revolutions as espoused by Marx were either Violent or non violent and certainly the communists states of the cold war preaching violent worldwide revolution as necessary to further their goals. The predominant undertow forces of the Obama administration seem more directed at creating a viable supportive economic oligarchy of control that favors his administration rather than some other violent revolution. At the same time the administration does seem to be attempting to destroy the existing economy by shaking it up anyway possible and creating more dependent people by keeping them unemployed and resentful to increase executive powers. It may very well be intentional. On the other hand there are big oligarch supporters like Soros whose real mantra is to get things shook up as much as possible because he is trained at making the most money in violent volatile markets where buys and sells do either for the wrong reasons with bad timing thanks to hysteria in the air. There are a lot of different people supporting this administration clustered around it for different reasons. Most want things shook up so they can better profit from the resulting cirucmstances , others just want to expand the government and its powers at everyone else's person Rights expense. A large number of constituents in the Gimme Gimme Party politics scene are only interested in the short term gains of getting their share of a "redistribution" from the piracy of the administration. As the world's oldest profession is not prostitution but raiding and steeling the wealth of others for quick easy if not effortless gain it really is no surprise that our modernist anti capitalist Michael Moore-ism mentality is really about transferring the economic reigns of power to a new group of people who think they are deserving because of their political position and relatively young age compared to the old guardian owners in charge. This is a time where a loaf of high level official absurdity has to be taken seriously percisely because it seems to make no sense. This includes the President's recent trip to Asia where he emphasized that his main policy directive was world free trade, but here in the homeland the same president persistently says he is against free trade at home where he want to saddle everyone with excessive taxes which are effectively the same thing as tariffs and regulatory constraints that do nothing but put the friction of economic brakes on the economy. This president is smart enough to know that the true benefits of free trade begin at home and not in distant Asia. It does seem that this president and his administration want to severely hamper the national economy reserving free trade for a foreign talking point from a TelePrompTer. Beck deserves more respect as more than just an opinionated because of his success in exposing one Whitehouse story after another with facts to back up his assertions. He has been instrumental in having several hard left communist socialists removed from Whitehouse position and helped reveal ACORN for what it really is. Not everyone believes it is merely an opinion and not a fact that Washington DC is corrupt . Close

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