Monday, July 14, 2014

What is a Libtard?

What is a Libtard? Pronounced "Lib-tard" Lex Loeb Contributor Network . To understand what a libtard is one first has to understand how the constant barrage of a propaganda campaign affects the mind. A libtard is especially susceptible in believing that everything in a propaganda campaign is necessarily true. This is probably because hearing something said over and over and over again fools some people into believing that if they have heard a lot about it it must necessarily be true. Once one become familiar with hearing the same musical motif over and over again one might start to whistle it. Libtards are certainly not the only people susceptible to propaganda. It is the liberal propaganda campaign that works on them like Pavlov's dog. A libtard starts salivating when they they get their propaganda cue. Never in the history of the world have so many people felt so deluded into believing that they can actually save the world by preforming a bunch of junk rituals on a daily basis as libtards. It is beyond arrogant for people to believe that they can save the planet. How can a creature created in the course of natural evolution or if by created by some higher power be in a position to save anything. It is like a flock of wild sheep imagining that as a flock they have the omnipotence to save nature from sheep or from the nature of sheep being sheep to become better than sheep. It even leads to omnipotent leaders like President Obama who can actually get up in front of an audience to sincerely promote the idea that as president he can permanently repeal the business cycle! The fact of the mater is that FDR said something similar and he and his party took over the USA and did anything but stop boom and bust economic cycles. Where does President Obama get such confidence that he knows anything about anything with such omnipotent thinking. Yes he ran for President and won but Libtards cant understand that George W. Bush was best suited for the same type of successful accomplishment--Getting elected and re-elected. Libtards still believe that Gore and Kerry were both presidents of the United States during the Bush administration. How is that for the same sort of omnipotence? The more propaganda a libtard is exposed to the more fervent they become in support of just about any cause. The typical libtard naturally believes he or she is more intellectual than the rest of the human race and the more versed. He is well read but is any of the crap they read worth reading or is it just more reinforcement for bad primary assumptions? Some of us who don't follow the crowd listen to what they say is and is not "green" and we are amazed. It makes no sense. We listened to years of hype about hydrogen power when in truth hydrogen power is just a battery storage device of energy created form other means including coal,oil and other hydro carbons. The libtards are rallying to allow forest and wild fires to burn themselves out rather than fighting the fires and yet they are the same people against too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere! It does not have to make any sense for the omnipotents to be always right. They have consensus science where a group of experts in a central planning office decides what the rest of us are supposed to believe under what circumstances we are allowed to believe anything at all. There are laws of political correctness to protect us from thinking. The average libtard can differentiate the carbon dioxide from a burning forest full of spotted owls and bambis as good carbon dioxide verses bad carbon dioxide from industrial plants burning coal. Unfortunately nature can't tell one carbon dioxide molecule from another most of the time. What else are libtards doing? They are completely satisfied when their local , state and federal governments turn well meaning so called green ideas into complete racketeering. Even when the effect of the racketeering is exactly the opposite of what is intended they still believe that it has to be for the good because it has the label "green" stamped on it. A libtard will go into a super market and not think twice of buying a box of pop tarts that has a new green label on it that says "100% natural , organic, product helping to save the earth with pure organic cane sugar" Even if it is the same old pop tarts in a new box they will buy it because the label now gives it credibility. It is almost as bad as packaging that says "no trans fatty acids" that contain solid palm oil which is pure saturated fat. One reads about the wholesome Crisco equivalent solid palm oil in Newman's own cookies. The saturated fat in those is for a good cause so you might as well pretend that they are better than oreos just because the label on the product is libtard worthy. It is amazing how the "me" generation morphed into the gimme gimme party of America. Liberals think they are liberal because of free thinking yet they are part of a monolithic group all drinking the same cult Koolaide. How can that attitude of being a member of the group really is not free thinking? Free thinking is not something that appeals to propaganda junkies. Libtards tend to be against what they see as traditional morality. Their new morality then just becomes a reaction to what ever was opposite of what their parents told them to believe. They cultivate what they consider to be alternative morality. They say they hate all religions but they tend to be looking for some new replacement. Not just any replacement religion--it has to be provocative. That leads to the Libtard new age experience. In real life it has just as much hierarchy as the institutions they are repelling against. The people who are going to give us all world peace having vicious pecking order. Not all liberals are libtards. One can tell immediately which is which. The ones who have the omnipotence and lack of doubt are the dangerous libtards of the bunch. They get very angry if you challenge one of their set ideas. A real liberal can actually argue with you and has plenty of doubts. The television character Archie Bunker was much more of a Libtard than he was any sort of conservative. Leotards have complete indignation if you challenge any part of their propaganda programming. .

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