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What to Do in Case of a Dangerous Viral Epidemic like the Avian Flu. Don't Always Listen To Your Government Officials.

What to Do in Case of a Dangerous Viral Epidemic like the Avian Flu The Government Does Not Seem to Be Issuing the Proper Guidance. in Last SARs Epidemic Goverment Panicked as it Will Again. the Advice Given was Wrong Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The Avian Flu is back in China again and it remains a world wide danger. In the SARS epidemic when cases started showing up in Hong Kong and then in Toronto Canada, Governments started warning about the economy shutting down. When Fights to Toronto started getting canceled the provincial government of Ontario actually blamed the media for causing panic. In that case the panic was well founded. The US Government actually issued a similar emu with its head in the sand warning saying things that children coughing should not go to school. That is advice everyone should ignore and should keep a copy of this simple advice. Lock your self inside your home and stay inside and isolate your self and family from the rest of civilization. Don't get on a bus to go home, walk home alone. Make sure you have adequate food and water inside and prepare to wait out what ever is happening outside. It could be a very long time before it is safe to go out. If you have the disease you maybe doomed anyway so stay at home and use your phone to call the hospital rather than going out and spreading the disease. The medical people necessary will come to you and if you are at home than send your family elsewhere to be isolated. The government should have issued this type of warning already in writing because the risk of an Avian Flu epidemic does remain high. Some experts say the culling of the human population from a dangerous viral epidemic is over due. The last major killer virus was back in 1918. With the growth of American Suburbia the likely hood of suffering as many deaths from a disease is actually lower than in 1918 because of the ability of much of the population to isolate themselves from the rest of the population. Dense cities would be more dangerous especially with shared transportation. Communications are immediate and wonderful. You have the INTERNET at home and telephone service, cell phones, electric so you don't really need to go out until the authorities can isolate the sick from the rest of the population. The next phase of the investigation is to be sure if those people who survive and are immune do not remain carriers. If everyone dies who comes into contact with a deadly virus than eventually the virus will disappear unless it is found to be spread by animal vector like rats or birds so waiting longer in isolation is worth doing. If the government or bank wants to foreclose on your home because you don't go to work than government is not doing it's job which is to stop the economy and put it on holiday on a vacation. The US military forces should also have their own isolation guidelines which would isolate groups of soldiers from other groups and from the general population. Military People are flying all over the world so they are at higher risk than sedentary suburbanites. Don't shake hands in public keep 10 or more feet from others outside should you go outside. If everyone knew the guidelines and put them to work in doing the best to isolate themselves then the virus would be contained much more quickly. Risk to heath workers means their isolation at hospitals and not going home. It is rather aggravating that no guidelines have yet been issued by our government with a total lock down play book long before any panic sets in. Every single day we open a newspaper or turn the television on and hear all the nonsense about how government should be controlling more of our health care system , planning the economy, planning the way we use energy, planning the environmental future of the earth and all that crap and we never get a letter in the mail telling each of us how to immediately isolate ourselves and wait should a viral epidemic or biological attack occur. With advance notice and by shutting the borders it is not the people who are isolated by the disease and faster than otherwise imaginable. The Chinese have issued guidelines but again they fear shutting down the economy. There are ways to get everything you could ever want delivered to an isolated home or apartment if the government worked out guidelines and deliveries of food could be sprayed with Lysol and left a fair distance from front doors with a lapse of time before someone from isolation goes to retrieve the food. The SARS virus was quickly contained in Asia and in Canada because for one instance news media hysteria worked very well with instantaneous communications but as it happens SARS was not the same sort of viral infection that caused mass death in 1918 nor was it like plagues. Some viral epidemics take more time than others to show visible symptoms in victims but can also be spread in the environment. That is why news of the disease spreading in China to any degree is reason to shut down air traffic. Governments won't like the idea, The last reported human case of Avian flu was in a major Chinese city but did not seem to be a human to human transmission.. The minute it seems to be happening is when people should be stocking up at grocery stores and starting to isolate, not shaking hands not riding the public transit and maybe not sending kids to school. If you wait until the news is that part of New York City is in quarantine it maybe too late for you to become isolated. Having children in schools is like sending your kids to a disease factory. The schools and the government should be teaching children how to isolate themselves when they are sick and not come to school. Almost no schools teach children basic germ theory or basic hygiene. The schools should probably do this before your kids are sharing cold and flu viruses. Families with children in school damn well know that the kids bring everything home including lice . Schools and government generally prefer to pretend like they take no responsibility. These are our society's master planners remember. The advice is use this article as advice if and when it seems certain that an epidemic is happening anywhere on earth. The first thing to do is to start isolating yourself and your family and not wait for government to get beyond it's Katrina panic state of being which is inevitable. Just the fact that this little bit of advice, although somewhat ambiguous since it will not be known how dangerous an epidemic is until it hits, is enough you need for survival. If it happens the only thing you want to do with your life at that point is survive, You will not need immunity against the disease unless you are going to expose yourself to people that have it. Keeping your distance you will not be effected. Anyone remaining outside will be potentially dangerous. if you can wait a few weeks the government will be beyond it's initial panic and have some information but you will have to wait to find out in isolation. If total Armageddon results there is a secondary guide , there may never be a vaccine but you can remain in isolation so stay put and see if you can get what you need delivered and if you do have to go out there will be a better understanding of how to stay isolated in public from the experience of others risking it. Patience and being able to wait is what the government guide lines should say explicitly. If you do not get any government warning guidelines on what to do just copy this and send it out. Government has to learn to wait to collect taxes , The last time the danger was potentially high government guidelines really did tell people to avoid people who looked sick and go to work or school. Big mistake , Ignore that if they put out that advice and remember this advice to the contrary. One more thing to worry about , missed by the world news media , is the Chinese economic recession now in progress is causing millions of peasants to loose jobs in major cities there and head back to the country side. This is the sort of population movement that proceeded the 1918 end of world war II viral outbreak. It is not sounding any alarms yet but it is important to watch. The danger might be after the economy re-invigorates after the recession and they move back to the cities en mass having become exposed to domesticated birds? Keep your distance, Isolate, Isolate and quarantine yourself especially if you are not sick., Watch and wait patiently for information and don't jump to any of the news media's conclusions... after all they often write articles like "Eating Garlic is the cure for high cholesterol" and then they later reverse that nonsense by again saying "scientists say." Germ Theory is really old fashioned tested science. Since no one will be sure what an epidemic is to begin with , not even the best of scientists you really do need to isolate and wait patiently for more information and be willing and able to find a way to remain isolated for as long as it takes. Back in the 1950s the average home backyard nuclear bomb shelter was designed to have enough food , air and water for residents to survive 1 or more years. People who had private bomb shelters were generally considered to be crazy and they were but they would had a slightly higher rate of survival had there been an actual nuclear war. You might have a lot more warning Avian Flu is coming than you will a nuclear missile strike. You are not panicking to take this advice. You can be sure that government will be panicking because their plans are not well prepared and the government really cannot decide which power brokers should take control of an unknown kind of event an epidemic would be. Send this advice to your government officials too so they get it before they panic or after they need calming down. One more thing about government to remember is that you cannot necessarily trust it. The post 911 anthrax attack was blamed on someone who happened to work for the government as an official. A lot of control freak government officials believe that the biggest problem on earth today is over population and some of them actually will sympathize with the epidemic virus. This is yet another reason to be prepared to wait a long period of time in isolation before deciding you can believe anything you might see on television. Every years we get a Social Security notice in the mail from uncle SAM telling us what we can expect to retire but nothing comes in the mail to stick on the refrigerator on what to do in case of a epidemic emergency. Instead the government guidelines seem to be wait till they decide it is at least an Orange alert and then wait for information to come over the TV and radio before going into isolation. Forget that it is wrong. Isolate first and wait for the announcement. .


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