Monday, July 14, 2014

When Washington DC Starts To Look A Lot Like Jone's Town don't drink the koolaid . Dangers of Living Under an Apocolyptic Cult Government

Dangers of Living Under an Apocolyptic Cult Government Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . An apocolypitc cult has taken over the United States of America. Really! It is the environmental wacks. They have created created artificial reality for so long that most American Voter have become environmentalist zombies. The cult has moved beyond the fad stage into a full blown apocylypitic cult ever sinse Al Gore made his documentry on the inevitablity of man made global warming. Proof that it is a real apocalyptic cult came when the United States Supreme court allowed the environmental protection agency to classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant. The court actually buys into the consensus of scientists argugment. The problem with scientific consensus is that it is often the people outside of the dummed up consensus who might be proven correct in the long run. One only has to look back at the scientific inquieition of Galleleo who suggested there was evidence that Jupiter and Mars might actually be planets like earth. Heresy is the word for what Galleo was accused of in his unfortunate inquisition process. The courts in the USA famously go with "consensus" in trials leading to total junk science everyone has become aware of in big record smashing tort trials we often read about. The silicone breast implant harm destroyed a couple of companies manufacturing that product before that consensus was disproven. It does not mater if a jury has bad science to base decisions on and the courts are happy to entertain any junk science , while it lasts, to make as much money litigating as possible. Thanks to the US supreme court total junk science became the law of the land. Anyone breathing ,including the supreme court justices, are .

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