Monday, July 7, 2014

Why Communism Always Fails.

Why Communism Has Always Failed Communist Countries Love to Scapegoat Their Capitalist Bourgeois Dog Adversaries for Their Own Failings Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Karl Marx is famous for his social science but many years of experience and attempts at implementation of communism beg to question if there ever was any real science involved. The greatest success with communism to date is China in the past 20 years since it's brand of communism now is really a form of capitalism on steroids. There is not a country, including China, that embrased communism and became a real success. China's Present success began when the government realized that it's population had been reduced to a gaint slave labour camp and started renting it out to foreign enterprises. The reversal of ideology allowing capitalism to thrive has resulted in a complete reversal with concepts like private property rights becoming a more recent popular reform in the country. The contrast between China before and after the re-introduction of legalized capitalism are a sight to behold. The same sort of phenomenon has been observed in Russia when prior to the fall of communism the country was a complete failure. Since communism Russia has quickly become a world power and has a rising standard of living. Communist Basket Case economies are still with us, some only begining the progress such as Venezuala. Failures include North Korea and Cuba. Both of those countries publicly blame the US for their troubles. In Cuba that is bizzare. Cuba has open trade with most of the rest of central , Latin America, Europe , Africa, Asia and Canada. The US boycott is not a blockade. Denying access to US markets cannot be the cause of their failings. Trade with Mexico with a population many times that of cuba should work to their advantage. .

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