Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why Public Employees Unions Cannot Be Allowed to Exist

Why Public Employees Unions Cannot Be Allowed to Exist Imagine If the People in American Military Service Were Allowed to Form Political Unions and Go on Strike or Use Union Dues and Force to Influence Elections Lex Contributor Network . We need leaders who understand that our public servants can't be allowed to designate themselves as our masters. Everyone watching the Egyptian protests wondered how the Egyptian Military would decide the outcome of those events. That is not how things are supposed to work in the United States of America. We have a constitution with a set means of political succession that does not require or allow any military intervention. Even at the worst of the US Civil war an elected civilian government or two civilian governments at war directed the military events of that war. The United states did not even select it's first president by some military coup or military injection of Washington into that office. The US is one of the few countries ever to have a constitutional set of rules adhered to for succession. The Romans had no such rules and no constitution. Every emperor came to power either by birth right or by coup. I can't remember any that were elected in the way our presidents come to power. At the state level in the US unfortunately public employee unions have taken over control and they aim to keep it by any means possible. The unions are not the employees and the employees tend to have little power in the unions. Union money goes back to feed politician's campaigns running for office who support a vicious cycle of state support for those unions. It is the same system of patronage that we saw in Egypt and many other countries where the military forces simply decide how the election process works and who ultimately will take the office. The US military is designed to take orders from our civilian leaders exclusively. They are not permitted to exercise power and can be fired from their positions in military leadership for not following civilian leaders orders. The military personal get sent to dangerous front line fighting and everyone knows it is impossible to fully compensate them for the chore yet they are never allowed to go out on strike or join a employee union or any sort of union that would go behind the scenes to pay off politicians or fund their political campaigns. We do not allow that in the USA because we don't want a political system that works like the one in Egypt or the one in Thailand or the One in Saudi Arabia. We want our popularly elected and electoral vote elected politicians to be in command of our military public servants and not them in command of us. Unfortunately that is exactly what we have ended up with in our civilian corps of public employees who have unionized. Almost all the states in the union now have unsustainable budgets that tax payers cannot afford to keep paying for forever with all the unionization and collective bargaining that goes on. Everyone has see public employees including school teachers go out on strike and then proclaim that without them the children would never be able to be educated. What a horror. Those same children could be drafted sent off to war and have their involuntary commitment labeled as public service to the country and it certainly would be. Enlisted draftees are guilty of mutiny for going on strike. By comparison there is very little that is public service about a high wage with benefits contract for public employee in a school teaching job compared to some poor young kid drafted into military service. It is a joke. Not even our grandest elected official politicians are doing much of any public service compared to the troops on the front line. And that we live with an all volunteer army , navy and air force it is much more admirable public service than just about anything the public employee union goons complain about. This is the reason Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers . He was certainly justified in doing it and the country should have been a lot more thankful for him for doing it. Come Obama and he is talking about how everyone in the country should be forced to do some public service in outfits like Americorp. Why should people be forced to work for nothing when this same man is supposed to be this great support of public employees unions at the federal and state levels. Heck in Oregon it is a running joke that we have no public workers only public employees and boy are they over compensated for the that kind of "public service" earning nearly twice as much on average as the ordinary citizen does working in the private sector. Then after all this public service we are given at exorbitant union wages paid for by tax payers who can barely get ends to meet they only want more and after that more. The citizen taxpayer is the slave and the public employees union is his master. It it out of control. It is outrageous. There is no cost containment possible and no way to prioritize spending because it all ends up directed to where union dues gets to elect the politicians of their choice who happen to owe them quite a lot. This is the same awful system that American Constitution was designed to prevent form ever happening. All it took were a few politicians on the union dole to change the rules allowing the existence of public employee unions, collective bargaining and the tail of our government being allowed to wag the rest of the dog. We need to go back and listen to Ronald Reagan and his demands that public employee unions not exist. We the American people and the tax payers are not the robber barons or industrial corporate models that unions exist to counteract. We don't go to the polls to elect union employees to become our masters. We want politicians who represent us as individuals and not people paid quite nicely for sometimes doing public service. Military pay and benefits are often fair but not necessarily so . They are very rarely as rich as the working conditions and benefits that civilian corp employees receive. It would be the virtual end of the United States of America and the Constitution the minute military employees were allowed to go unionize or go out on strike just to enrich themselves as a sort of elitist class. Unfortunately it is already happening yielding an unsustainable political economy where major state employees permanent lay offs will be required to balance state spending budgets. Listen to Ronald Reagan. Public employee unions should be completely illegal. Anyone who wants to work for the government really should be a volunteer in public service or be willing to take what the job pays. The united states of America is not a for profit venture where the workers want to share in the profits. No our government is supposed to be about selfless public service and service with limitations to the citizens. Money is jam packed into our public school without any results to justify the expense. The voters and tax payers should be considering doing what is right for a capitalist country putting the incentives not on "great " teachers getting additional pay and instead making funds available for students who get good grade and for those who get better grades. There are much cheaper ways to get better results than over paying teachers just because they belong to political unions that act like they own the government . One way is to hire tutors to go one on one with students having difficulty in school for a couple of hours a week. That kind of services is worth more than 7 days a week sitting in a class room. The teachers who are any good already know this so why do we waste so much time keeping such long hours 5 days a week instead of getting a lot more bang for the tax payer buck? It is because schools have become pay per hour adult day care facilities to take care of the needs of union teachers first and students last. Ask you local school board why we are not getting better results and why we don't pay the kids for getting good or better results. Paying for better results just means moving a student from a C average to a B average. And we are not talking a lot of money in payment . we might be talking about $100 for the term for a better grade point average and $500 for All As in all classes . That is a lot cheaper than putting the incentive on union teachers to spend more and more time in class rooms getting worse and worse results year after year. There is nothing in the rule of law of the United States of America that says we can't change the rules and the laws to find new ways to make things work better than they already do. There is nothing in the constitution that guarantees anyone a job or benefits. Nothing. The constitution does guarantee private property rights and just compensation for a taking and every minute of every day our union schools are teaching students the opposite. They spend much of their time teaching green socialism these days which is a complete waste of students time. It is time the Tea Party get busy again and go out on the march in what Nancy Pelosi called astroturf grass roots politics and puts the Tea Party in charge of education at the expense of the greedy no good unions. It is Astroturf time again. Lets not just take the schools back. Lets see what we can do to make education cost less and get better real results and not look back. Lets put our kids in school fewer hours with one on one tutors and give them some of the cash available for their achievement. Use the Internet to have the very best teachers lecture classes across the country and get children out of schools they don't belong in and let them have a more trade oriented education from an earlier age instead of the expensive high school social club waste of time so many just drop out of. There should be options and we have to experiment with new ideas and see what works. It is time for a new era of astroturf grass roots tea party action to take back the government from the union thugs who are still certain they own it. .

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