Monday, July 7, 2014

Wilderness Unlimited....

Wilderness Unlimited Offers Private Ranch Access for Fishing and Hunting. Oregon Has a Chapter You Can Join for Uncrowded Access "each Year There Are More People in Oregon and Fewer Places for Uncrowded Hunting, Fishing and Camping, Locals Have Lost Access and Newcomers Don't Know Where to Go" Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Private Ranches for members only is what this non profit organization is all about. Find their website at if the link does not work just google key words "wilderness unlimited oregon". Wilderness unlimited offers access to thousands of acres they manage in Oregon . Only responsible members and their families have access to these lands. The lands are controlled and patrolled by Wilderness unlimited members. In a state like Oregon with it's giant size ranches this seems like a great idea. They offer people access to enjoy the private outdoors in "safer more productive areas." probably meaning more fish and game to hunt. For camping it has to be a big improvement on the Oregon State Parks Division privatization of camp grounds as fee access areas with their institutional ugliness. You can find out more by writing to Wilderness Unlimited 3439 NE Sandy Blvd PMB 6056 Portland, Oregon 97232-1959 I might be excited to join if they allow off hunting season camping and exploration access because I am not much interested in hunting or fishing. I like the concept, State land and wildlife management may not be able to compete with private management. It sounds like an interesting experiment in land use. .

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