Monday, July 14, 2014


Oregon Legislature Goes Green with Envy. Nothing is Safe in Oregon from Them Trying to Steal! Everything is Turning Green in Oregon According to State Propaganda but the Fine Print is Red as in the Favored Color of Communist Legend Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Here is some of the crap that has recently been proposed and is likely to pass sooner or later with the type of trash that Oregon has elected . In Oregon suddenly some of the people are beginning to realize that laws do not necessily apply to everyone equally. People should have known this sooner but they are too indoctrinated to think. People are too busy saving the planet to care about the actual politics. When a governor refused to allow coastal homes owners to take measures to stop erosian he was able himself to get the permits for his own ocean front home. Complex laws are made and built into ever expanding bookshelves of statutes where state agenecies are free to make countless more rules and special exclusions for the elite to get the necessary passes. Here is what the Great State of Oregon Legislature is proposing or putting into law now: A new law to require people with septic tanks to have to dig them up every five years and pay a specialist, special interest corporation something like a $2000 fee for each five year required inspection. A new law to put meters on private rural pre-existing water rights wells to monitor how much water rural land owners can take from their own existing water rights! There are probably great penalties for doing otherwise. A new law to put milage monitoring divices in cars and trucks so the state can tax everyone 10 cents a mile becasue they don't like people who drive home to suburban homes and want to add a new tax over the existing gasoline tax. The state of oregon wants home owners whose homes are on erodable cliffs to remove the gutters from the storm drains and saturate the errodable soil with the rain water becasue they don't like homes built on natural bluffs. The state of oregon is against non-native species including humans. This is a state where the hymalyan blackberry is the state flower. The state of oregon is proposing a new 15 cent tax on every beer can sold in the state which will pay for programs to prevent drunkness none of which have ever proven very successful. Which means the money is for a new drunken bureaucracy of social workers. The Oregon Legislature has even crazier ideas: A New law giving k-12 children hand gun training courses to get them conceiled weapons permits to protect them from preditory teachers, gangs and abusive parents. School safety is a state priority. The thinking for this law came from the case of the teacher going to school with a conceiled hand gun permit gun to use it for class room disipline. The Legislature wants to ban diesel trucks in Oregon , even on interstate highways. The legislaturle wants to turn several lanes of major interstate highways into 1000s of miles of bicycle paths. The legislature wants to take to raise the state income tax to 30 percent of income to pay for better coffee in the state capitol building. The legislature wants to requie children to learn and they want teachers to be able to implant mind control devices in the classroom. Already teachers in the state can perscribe the required drugs to children and parents get called into teacher conferencing and told that their kids will be medicated or expelled. The state of oregon has an existing law that allows wildlife biologists to cut down trees and let them rott instead of selling them because those trees are only growing now because of years of fire supression which brings them to their new law to allow rampant wild fires to bring nature back in balance! The state of Oregon wants all the hydro electric dams in the state destroyed so that the rubber rafting lobby can see natural flowing rivers. The state of Oregon wants to make it a crime for stores like Walmart and Costco to have parking lots. Legislators want to assign every child from birth an attorney and a social worker to monitor their progress in life. Legislators want to decide which children in the state go to which kind of school since the state graduates less than 40 percent of high school students they assume the 60 percent that flunk out should get GRDs by the 8th grade but not to save the schools money but to build a whole new set of State Dumb Schools to employ twice as many school employees as before in the entire system. The legislators want to spend more than $50,000 a year on keeping criminal locked up in jails because each and every criminal is being reformed and they each need a jail house tutor , a social worker, a personal psychologist, a personal trainer and access to a giant flat screen television to watch Oprah regularly. The Oregon legislature is green with envy so they are proposing more laws to make all private property property of the state and they want a law that when ever someone reaches 70 years of age that the state can seize all their property because those senior citizens have had it long enough. The state of Oregon believes in euthenasia and wants to ration medical services using that as the new corner stone for care. Humans are an invasive species and the root of all environmental problems. The state of Oregon is for a new state auditing law that will require that money that is not wasted be wasted to prevent tax revenues from falling. .

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