Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You Can Never Leave Your Homeland: Think You Really Want to See the Mexican Border Fence Built? Think Again!

Think You Really Want to See the Mexican Border Fence Built? Think Again! The Problem with Border Fence Scheme is the Tendency to Use Fences and Walls to Keep Citizens in ! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Fences and walls are not just built to keep people out but can also be used to keep people locked inside. Walled Cities of ancient times and fortresses are thought to be defensive. A great many of them were also used as prison enclosures over long periods of history. In more recent history we have the Korean DMZ and we had the Berlin wall. The Nazi's constructed walls and fences to create ghettos and later on concentration camps. When the government starts promising you utopia and also is building a fence or wall on the border just beware it could be used less to keep foreigners out and more to keep you in. When Emperor Hadrian built his wall in Britain the theory most prevalent among historians is that it was created to keep the barbarians out. The same theory is prevalent among historians for the Great Wall of China. An alternative theory is that these walls were used to keep Roman and Chinese respectively from leaving the country. The reason to keep them from leaving? To be sure duties and tariffs were paid on trade goods coming across the border. Underestimating the value of a wall to a government in generating revenues though taxation is a big mistake. In the modern world the citizen can quickly become more of a captive slave with a wall or a fence than by any other means. There is little evidence that the Romans or the Chinese would actually limit laborers wiling to cross a frontier boundary to find work. It was always easier to get into east Germany than to get out.! In the good old middle ages manner houses actually built barriers to keep free men out, serfs and peasants in. Fences and walls create a context for social order. Just a thought about the reflexive reality of the building of fences and walls. In East Berlin everything was absolutely wonderful in socialist utopia as long as the wall was standing. Beware that at some point in time the Mexican Border Fence could be a deterrent to Keep US Citizens out and not from Mexicans coming in. Fences and Walls always have two sides. .

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