Sunday, September 21, 2014

Comcast Xfinity Email Started Putting Annoying Pop Up Ad On Their Paid Subscription Email. It Stinks. Here is How And Where They Let You Get Rid Of Them.

The dirt balls that run comcast have no business putting pop up ads in the middle of a paid email service. Here is the option they give you...I hope it works after i turn off my computer and turn it back on again. On the page it asks you if you want to "OPT OUT" Of Getting the Pop Up ads on your paid subscription email that block your viewing your email . It did seem to work. But now I totally distrust Comcast and it Maybe time to terminate all their services including phone, internet and cable they have no shame to waste my time on this and not put it right up in front for everyone to see how to opt out of their commercial ad abuse of a subscription email service. Go Here and then complain to Comcast.

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