Monday, September 15, 2014

Debunking Reshift as a doppler effect in Astronmy.

I validated my theory that red shift due to the Doppler effect is bunk because today the entire sky red shifted along with the sun and the stars too. None of them had to start speeding away from earth to red shift their light there only had to be smoke from a local forest fire in the atmosphere to red shift them. My telescope and other instruments are unable to tell that the light is red shifted due to any cause. The smoke was not red or even necessarily blue light spectrum absorbing. What the smoke did was capture photons temporarily and re-emit them at a redder wavelength at the same time becoming more energetic because some of the energy from the photons eventually would go to be heat energy or infrared after being absorbed or just got redder as it ratcheted down after temporary absorption and re-emission. The interesting thing is the whole observation also severely dismisses the global warming thesis because the net energy of a photon in the atmosphere and on the ground is exactly the same if none of it was just temporarily absorbed and then re-emitted. Some radiates back into space and more the higher up in the atmosphere that smoke would go....because radiation is just that like a radiating sphere. more escapes from the smoke particles because they are higher in the atmosphere just because of geometry and tangents from a sphere and because radiation is spherical and the closer to the top of the sky the less will hit the ground. you can find my new laws of physics websites on line ..key words Lex Loeb New Laws of Physics to see what I originally said in the theory. I originally started with the idea of diffraction and refraction being responsible for the apparent red shift and to some degree I am not saying that red shift cannot be used to place times and distances of object in can. Refraction is the exact same thing just not defined as I do it here. temporary absorption of the photons and then re-emission. That really means that the angle of incidence relating to the angle of refraction when you look in a mirror is light temporarily, very quickly absorbed and then re-emitted. always with some quantum amount of energy absorbed and retained by the mirror such that a mirror will actually slightly redshift the light reflected.

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