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Photons are nothing but code...transponders of code.

I just figured out what photons really are.  At least I clarified the definition.  They are just code.  Coded imprints of angular momentum.  Photons absolutely do not exist until mater collides with them so there is no energy in transition at least none that can be measured or sensed until the code is received.  Hey we do the same thing with radio waves, light pulses , microwave radiation pulses.  So photons do have properties as a rather symbolic code more than being energy . Yes they can impart energy but not until mater is also involved which does mean they are code and a coding mechanism .  I rather think exclusively so.  (I am still figuring it out though)  So when we get radiation we are seeing code being sent out from a material source and this code imprints the angular momentum of mater principally atoms and their component parts. The imprinted code radiates out and will not interact with other photons in space but it will if absorbed for any length of time, including what is called reflection and then re-emitted as the reflection code.  Code , Code. Code.  It is that simple. Now mater is not coded it reacts to code where the code interacts but not where it does not across the spectrum and the periodic table with a lot of variability when it comes to cause and effect.
 So the photon code is the cause and the effects are in mater.  physical material mater without photons is code free or has pre-existing photon codes established and retained even fossilized and new code can change it's state but lacking new code its state cannot change unless the mater itself is interacting then it already has been coded to do so. That changes the definition of what photons are and makes more sense of them as transponders over time and space (distance) of the angular momentum of mater (atoms and sub atomic particles therein.  That means the code is massless.  No mass  and no wave because it is the mater that reacts to the retained angular momentum imprint of the photon so that the wave analogy applies to the mater with the importation of that angular momentum code signal and not having anything to do with the "symbolism" of the photon coding.  Now you go back to the Young double slit experiment and what is observed with interference is mater having code interfere with code at that level of the surface of the mater reflecting code. (light)  Now take this code not as an analogy but as factual reality and think of my multi variable probability theory of cosmic reality and my theory that angular momentum imprinting is what causes an electric current and voila.  New  physics. Improved physics.  one more point to make:  mater itself can be coded but it is not a code till it reaches the level of something like DNA.  Mater can become building blocks for code but it has actual variablility of actual angular momentum not just a symbolic derivative as a sort of imprint that photons have.  Thus electrons probably are  totally massless and kind of a code receptor as a current channels imprinted angular momentum though electrons that have imprinted in a different but similar manner. 
Photons are highly abstract symbolic code which is 1. why they can never react with each other in space or even with a laser concentrating them.  2 which is why they can act over billions of light years and still retain the same electro magnetic equivalence as if they traveled just for a few seconds or less.


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