Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Shame on socialist economists , the democrats, Obama, Hillary and Bernie Sanders. I just found out that they count illegal aliens who can earn 3 dollars or less an hour in the figures that tell us we have unfair economic income disparity.

So now we find out where the socialist economists are coming up with their ominous economic income disparity statistics in the USA.  I knew that they were counting the super rich billionaire class less than one percent of the population statistical outliers but now that I find out that they are counting illegal alien workers and non workers according to "reported" income levels some of whom earn less than $3 an hour and send a large portion of that back to their families in places like Mexico I think more people should be livid about having believed that nonsense.

It also turns out that the income statistics include people who are retire and on social security, people who have gotten early social retirement income because they had themselves declared to be disabled and they include many children dependent on welfare mother crunching in all of those people, even some of the children , and especially non employable teens and  young adults  as wage earners.  The disparity figures are cooked right out of a socialist cookbook.  Take all the welfare and retirement and unemployables lacking any job experience  , the illegal aliens, the illegal aliens on welfare with anchor babies who are not working at all and even sending some of that cash back to their families in Mexico and There is a lot less economic income / wealth disparity.

It is no wonder I see people living in bigger mc Mansions in the suburbs than ever, all driving more expensive cars than ever, having expensive habits  and being able to pay for it all...that's because the economic inequality is fiction as part of a socialist narrative designed to foster growing government for the sake of growing government and power brokers in politics reaping the rewards that are pure economic inequality in the real world where Hillary Clinton gets to be a billionaire just because of name recognition. 

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