Monday, December 7, 2015

The new concept of Photon Inspiration is born: in an email to Nathan Brydan today:

figured out what if photons are just code and do not actually transmit energy that they do what I previously discovered.  change the shape of space by changing the face of mater.  That old experiment showing the thin metal film in a vacuum exposed to intense light moving away from the light as the famous force of light experiment is completely misinterpreted.  that is because they held that light exerted a forward force.  but I just said it is sleeping energy activated and my new word for that is "inspired" by the photons.  So what is really happening is the photons are causing thrust essentially in the metal in the vacuum which is not so amazingly then moving the metal forward.  That is already in my new laws of physics published 20 some years ago but I did not fully understand it now I am beginning to do so.  I have to triple and quadruple check and test it now before publishing it more than already on facebook  but it necessarily amazingly has to be true.  So as I already wrote on influences (inspires) what Einstein called space time so if you are looking for space time to appear in space it is photons doing it.  And now I understand maybe why the atmosphere can become opaque to gamma rays from space....and that is because the radio waves that are more prevalent in the atmosphere can have the outermost  electrons propelled by the angular momentum code of  radio photons to distances of more than 1000 ft. meaning a gas has properties that have not been properly understood before even with cathode ray evidence. so the concept of photon inspiration is born and that completely Donald trumps string theory which is irrational and a bad analogy.

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