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To Gurantee Winning the Republican nomination and thre election , Donald Trump has to do what most politicians never will do. Sign a Contract Frist with Republicans and then with America as a whole.

Calling on Newt Gingrich would be the place to start.  Gingrich really set the tone for politics in Washington dc introducing a signed contract with America and his party.  Because a politician is a politician flip flopping everywhere on every issue the lack of trust is a big problem with the public.  People really want to know not only where a candidate stands but what deal , regardless of where they stand they are making with the people they are asking to represent.  Its a bit like a personal magna carta without the royal blood though power of the  American presidency can now exceed that of any ancient monarch.  Trump may believe in use of eminent domain for crony economic development but the party is mostly opposed so if he puts that in his contract the party regulars know where he stands.  Part of being a great leader is being able to compromise and that is what the contract is about setting a tone more than making future decisions and developing an abiding sense of trust. Every republican knows Donald Trump once QUACKED like a democratic party duck and often.  So a contract with republicans tells republican voters exactly where Donald trump really stands in advance and clobbers CNN with their notions that Trump is a far right fascist , racists, fear monger  all that garbage.  Trump with the help of Gingrich lays out his love of the wisdom of the founding fathers, love of the basic rights in the bill of rights including property rights as a very basic civil right.  Trump comes out against cronyism with the notion that the best bidder on an open bid process gets the duty not just the cheapest and Nature can take care of itself without having to be saved. That global warming is theology etc etc. sure add wriggle room to the document but make it concise.  I think Rand Paul can come up with a contract too but it is Donald Trump who really will need it when politics starts to turn against him.

Trump already has annunciated principles like overwhelming military strength.  Good .  People believe that but then he goes on about the need for national single payer health care and conservatives cringe.  He had better say what the limits of single payer are and why just maybe the private sector heath care system can compete to see which is more successful .  Its the same with public education.  Trump needs to say fine and well or privatize it or coexist it with merit scholarships for the best of the best as an incentive on students not on public employees.   A contract for growth via the greatest economic freedom found anywhere world wide so Pfizer wants to move back to the USA to take advantage but that free people have the right to leave the country with their money because this is a free country.  no one wants  trade war with china.   Conservatives know tariffs are just taxes that punish our own people

Trump wants the job of US president . we conservatives are listening we have seen his resume but we want an iron clad contract on top of that before he gets the nomination..


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