Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Before Your 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Are Taken Away When Hillary Clinton of Bernie Sanders Becomes President You can Deposit Them In A Swiss Vault For Safe Keeping

You might not forever lose your second amendment rights to bare arms when Hillary Clinton , Bernie Sanders is elected or if Obama successfully installs a new supreme court justice in office .  You can ship your guns non United States postal services to a private vault in Switzerland offering the service and when your rights are restored, maybe 50 years from now, you can retrieve your guns as your property and retain them as property in safe keeping.  You will have to act fast NOW to avoid confiscation because the new coming supreme court will also be erasing the 5th amendment and no just compensation for the taking will be required because the coming activist court already has decided that everything the government does is in the name of public safety and therefore there is no just compensation. You may also lose your home and farm or any other personal property and not receive any compensation in eminent domain actions also because what ever you own , including your gasoline powered car, is causing "climate change."   Yes the deck is already stacked the Marxist progressive future is already decided.  Expect Jeb Bush to make the entire county a wetland and national park unless you are living in a protected human area so you will lose that property too without compensation.  That is why global warming was fabricated as a problem so it could be used to facilitate the grand soviet scheme to confiscate every thing and anything the government wants  and is also the reason to run 20-50 trillion in government debt so takings of private property are for the "common good" without compensation.  Don't worry you won't be able to stop it by saying it is wrong because that too will be illegal.  Remember what they said about "climate deniers" including top professors who are skeptical of that pseudo science--the death penalty for not helping them save the earth.  Yes it is soon going to be time to deposit your fire arms and maybe other property in safe Swiss safe keeping vaults and best to do it before it becomes illegal to do.

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