Monday, February 29, 2016

More sustainable environmental lies. How the Oregon bottle bill has finally completely failed.

People who take bottles back to stores that they paid deposits on are learning these days that the automatic machines are almost all broken or too dirty to touch where they still exist and they also find out that they have to take their return bottles now to out of the way recycling centers to get money for them because supermarkets including Costco and Walmart no longer have to handle the cans and bottle returns.  Fortunately for them because it has become a complete awful mess.  Now what is happening is that the system is evolving where people putting the deposit on the can or bottle at the store are just expected to be permanently out of the money.  people are now expected to toss the bottles into the recycling blue roller garbage cans so the companies picking up the garbage get to cash in the bottles.  It is a total mess and an unnecessary one.

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