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Venezualan /Cuban Style Failed Socialism on the Streets of Downtown Portland, Oregon USA

Venezuelan / Cuban style socialist poverty of a failed socialist state has taken over downtown Portland Oregon..  It is vagabonds, down and out skid row people milling around everywhere,   They are living in makeshift tents on sidewalks and near freeway overpasses with garbage and shopping carts strewn around.  Many look like they just got out of jail or the mental hospital that no longer exists.  They are sleeping in masses in cafe's in daytime with hoods pulled over their faces so they are ready to prowl at night.  Panhandlers in wheel chairs with pathetic cardboard signs are on corners and at night they sleep next to their wheel chairs in entrances to buildings.  Others are lucky they are getting subsidized low cost rents living in brand new spiffy section 8 and 11 housing everywhere in the core of downtown  at the low cost of over $1000 a month for a rabbit hutch size subsidized or unsubsidized unit.  Meanwhile there are other buildings with 500k plus condos right across the street.  The whole place is a dirty mess.  30 some years ago the city was proudly calling itself the most livable city in America and now with the socialist total take over we are seeing the fruits of the utopian dream having come true.  I saw one guy at the supermarket who seemed to be on a tight budget buying some off brand of Cheetos in ten or more low cost bags.  The air quality downtown is gritty.  I just wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as I could. 


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