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Photons As Pure Code: The New Theory of Everything. Key To The Universe New Law of Physics.

What if everything you thought you knew about the science of physics was completely wrong?  What if the reason it is completely wrong is because of a few failures of basic assumptions and semantic errors in the language of physics?  Building on my old set of 'new laws of physics' from a completely new venture into empirical observations I discovered what really is the key to the universe new law of physics and an upgraded theory of everything that says forget string theory and correct the errors in the theory of relativity.  Photons are pure code.  That is the "key to the Universe," New Law of Physics.  Pure code?

Photons have no mass. They transmit no energy though empty space nor within atoms and molecules.. The have neither attributes of waves nor frequencies without an interaction with mater. That is because photons are pure code.  Yes code just like the electromagnetic signals we send for  and radio broadcasts.  Code pure code.  It really explains everything and this is not one of those analogy theories that says the cosmos is some giant infinite enormous holograph.


let me quickly go though the empirical proofs that say all of this is true:

No Mass: My old radiometer proof shows this to be true because the photon imparts no momentum but rather the opposite in a collision with a material interface.  Say a photon is a tennis ball with mass and it collides with a tennis racket it should cause the tennis racket to move in the direction of the incoming ball but instead in the radiometer proof we find that the tennis racket  reacts by allowing electrons to fly off its interface toward the ball which means there was no momentum and thus no mass.  that's a simplification of the original proof given two separate types of radiometers one with a rarified gas and the other with a hard vacuum. What was though to be the force of light is anything but.  Originally I had thought energy was being transmitted but that eventually came to be proved false.  Force requires mass and without mass we are talking about code.  Pure code which is a signal sent to a material interface that causes a reaction because it is just a signal code.  The explanation is quick and easy once you track back and find photons as "DARK PHOTON" AS ELECTRO MAGNETIC ENERGY IN ATOMS AND MOLECULES,   DARK PHOTONS ENABLE ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES OF ATOMS AND MOLECULES TO HAPPEN AND OF COURSE THAT WOULD MEAN SIGNALING CODE. We live in a biological world which is all about code from DNA well code extends into base chemistry of mater.  I have crystals that are complex with inclusions of other crystals made of similar and different crystals formed together and separately and sets of crystal growths with multiple independent crystals with exactly similar shapes which says code code code. I can't tell you whether electro magnetic code in mater is pure code or not because it is part and parcel of mater but in transmission though empty space as a photon (anywhere in the spectrum) it is pure code. Has no mass.

Photons have no attributes of frequency  nor waves.  What empirical proof is there?  that goes back to my moving Young double slit experiment revisiting.  I immediately found that photons are not reacting with each other in space nor necessarily in a gas between their source and the double slit screen and it's projection screen beyond. No where the waves and frequencies are observed are always in the material interface particularly that of the detection devices.  Frequencies and waves are observed but it varies across the periodic table with a set of derivative spectral signatures for each element and then for various molecules even more spectral probability. Where interference is displayed is in the detection interface and those material interfaces in between even sometimes by gases in the air.  To prove it well you can get period interference but by moving the double slit you can tune your photon code to have no interference.  Interference is because of coded overload at the points of detection.  The code sent by photons changes angular momentum at reception much of it in what have been called outermost electrons. 

Energy is not transmitted.  Well go back to comparing the spectral signatures of elements in the periodic table .  A wide variety of elements will have no reaction what so ever to photons that can just pass though with out interfering with photons which is why we see though glass or send light though fiber optic cables. We may or may not slow down the transmission but we don't actually have the code reveal itself.  Photons as dark photons with in matter are communications code it tells water how to behave in its various states of mater as one simple example.  When photons emerge from mater it is generally because of something that failed to communicate because the photon was never received internally as a dark photon.  Much of what astronomers see are failed internal communications code from stars etc.  photons serve very little use traveling billions of light years.  It is with a material body that they do serve a communications coding purpose.

Of course anyone versed in standard physics should be crying foul by now.  Bad physics stupid author of this blog.   But they will come around to the theory eventually because of the empirical evidence solidly supporting everything I am saying.

So than what is pure code  and how does this all change physics forever?  What it does is tells us why things behave the way they do.  It quickly follows that everything in the cosmos is likely in communication with every other thing in close proximity with code interceptions radiating in every direction.  The big question then is if photons don't transmit energy why do we see energy displays from interactions with photons so frequently?   first of all go back to the angular momentum coding idea which explains why we have the misunderstanding that photons should have mass when they cannot. photons carry code that impart instructions for a range of angular momentum changes for various types of atoms in different ways across the spectrum though not every type of photon affects every type of mater it varies and there is a huge range of probabilities. That means that the energy is already on board mater...I say on board matter as if all mater is tiny space ships.  That's an analogy because dark energy just happens to be energy we don't see till we find our selves in a high speed collision with another object.  I can be standing on the surface of the earth and a meteor suddenly appears coming at me at 60,000 meters per second  partly because I am on earth moving at 30,000 meters per second and the asteroid is also moving at that speed. I will quickly vaporize and become photons and gases in that collision along with all or part of the earth too and the asteroid.   So Yes atoms already have that dark energy of motion.  not motion verses the speed of light per se but motion verses an imaginary grid in space,  without that grid there is no metric for motion and the energy is dark until collision as it was just explained.    So pure code in the form of photons can just take energy of motion which is otherwise invisible and cause it to react and reveal itself thanks to photons changing angular momentum probably mainly at the level of outer most electrons.    That changes every thing in physics and science as well.  It also starts to impact relativity first because photons no longer have the mass wrongly in error ascribed to them.  what is interesting is that the interception at the speed of light as a collision that imparts the coded message does seem curious.  I would refocus the super collider on that theory and forget about either being part of the framework of space...pure analogy is all that is.  pure code is real.

start thinking of photons as pure code and voila all of the mass defect issues in physics are solved.  lots of other problems are solved and then plug in the periodic table and the molecular  range of possibilities of all of them to the spectrum, the full spectrum of em waves and frequencies charts.  Suddenly the universe starts looking different suddenly the idea of space time takes on new implications..  It really solves all the problem areas in physics and in chemistry it immediately explains the strange ability of electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen at one pole and oxygen at the other instead of having the gases emerge just anywhere from the liquid. 

That's just the pure code new key code for the universe theory not the rest of the coming theories . I am still thinking it out and even look at thrust and rocket engines run by angular momentum of pure force, not sure of coding there, of giant flywheels for trust rather than rocket fuel.  angular momentum is what fly wheels do and what atoms in rockets do just by virtue of having trust.  strange.....  and more:


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