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Intelligent design theory does not have to destroy Darwin's theory of evolution. In a universe of pure probability why do plants and animals (Life) have instincts to both survive and reproduce?

I am figuring out why life reproduces or even bothers to try and survive in a universe of pure probability. The present explanation is it does not have to survive or reproduce but it does because it has some kind of overwhelming cosmic intelligence guiding it. We humans use micro organisms both flora and fauna as factories to create beneficial chemical reactions like brewing beer and distilling the alcohol from it. Nature does the same but for what reason? to create calciu...m carbonate mountains and coal seams ? yes. It all comes down to an intelligence communicated via electro magnetism and via photons which is damn strange science. There is no reason. Survival of the fittest , evolution to benefit species for better survival and endless reproduction for what reason exactly. we know the how but the why is non existent. We humans as a species unlike all the rest refine elements to near purity out of our environment including gold, silver, mercury, iron .aluminum , titanium etc that maybe what we leave after we are all part of some sedimentary layer in the earth in the distant future. we were all born to have an iron age , a bronze age, a steel age and titanium age etc in the geological scheme of things, we maybe cosmic intelligence's machine for some higher purpose in the long run.

All animals and plants leave behind after many generations are layers of sediments that pile one on top of another. various space rocks, comets, asteroids and small moons can have layers of what could be sediments that are seemingly mostly geological strata. It tends to be about rounding future planets in a process which is probability lowering and raising everything to the common denominator of the force of gravity. small moons that have strata appear to be broken parts of larger objects. Centrifugal force/ Centripetal also create variance in strata according to center of gravity , mass density an other factors. The reason may just all be part of a larger process in the cosmos we don't understand partly because we are egotistical as a species and see our thought , understanding and action as about us and not something incredibly dull like star building or something else.

This all makes more sense when you revisit my theory that says that photons have no mass and transmit no energy though space and that photons are merely misguided electromagnetic communications from with in mater that still have communicative powers with out actually transmitting any energy.  That goes to the same theory of cosmic semantics and communications that are in everything.  You can find that material on this blog and others I have created on if you want to know about the new laws of physics.


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