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Unexpected Benefits of Getting an Illuminati chip implant.

I went to Zurich Switzerland to get my Illuminati chip implant .  As a member of the global international Illuminati organization the micro chip implant is not required but is highly recommended.  I was on the fence to begin with and then started learning about the benefits.  The implant goes into your right wrist . You don't even see or feel it once it is implanted.   Benefits now continue to accrue.  At any airport world wide you raise your right hand and you are immediately allowed to bypass customs.  Then I found out that you get a 12 billion dollar line of credit from The International Illuminati Bank of Rothschild.  Yes a 12 billion dollar line of credit.....

When ever I am in an Otis Elevator I now only need to think the floor I want to go to and the elevator goes there.  No need to push buttons any more.  When I get to an escalator and its going down I can raise my right and it immediately reverses to going up or vise versa.  That's amazing.  I get in to the Bilderberger events now without ever having to register and that is also true at the Bohemian Grove.

When ever I go near an ATM it flashes my name on the screen and says Hello.  Pets with similar microchips become unusually friendly. I highly recommend getting the illuminati micro chip implant if you are privileged with the offer.


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