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New Laws of Physics: Understanding The Photon as Pure Code That Neither transmits Energy nor has any sort of Mass.

Science is about schematic thinking. To accomplish that we need semantics. That is language to communicate descriptions of observations. Much of those schematic mental concept descriptive sematic ideas are pure analogy.  That is something being like something else we know and then we find that word for that something else.  That's where the idea of 'energy' or work comes from when it comes to the observation of photons and the idea that photons are ton or tons is because we imagine them as particles with some sort of mass.  It is all analogy sort of like drawing a cartoon of a politician with certain recognizable features or even becoming a more descriptive cartoonist and imagining teen age mutant turtles as photons.. Anything can have extra elaboration added.  The Lex Principles in new Lex New Laws of physics  attempts to simplify the schematics and language or semantics required to more accurately portray the phenomena observed in nature.  At least try....

Starting with properties of light. It is fair to say that light is pretty darn mysterious.  It does magical things like allow both of us to look in a mirror separately and not see each other.  Each of us can look in the same mirror and see our selves but not necessarily each other.  That is not an analogy. It is an experiment based on direct observation.  We can try it again and again and unless we are both side by side looking in the same mirror you are not going to see me looking back at you.  How does light do that and why?  Well not everything nor every kind of light photon wavelength/ frequency are going to be reflected in visible light mirrors...there may also be non visible light mirrors that reflect only other wavelengths that are not visible to the human eye...maybe to no eyes other than artificial detectors we might make to do so.  What each of us can see in the same mirror can be variable. Say you are color blind for example that mirror will only regenerate mirror image code that your eyes and mental processing can see.  If you are blind looking in the mirror chances are you wont' see anything then if the mirror is radiating infrared photons you might feel it when blind and not blind.

Mirrors tell us that photons communicate to receptors that can detect/ recognize them,  Otherwise a photon has no properties at all to the observer.  Except well maybe you are being radiated with ultra violet and it gives you a sunburn or tans your skin.  That depends on the type of skin you have,  Not everyone will tan nor burn.  Ultra violet would then seem to have analogy only.  See my earlier dissertations that explain how photons only activate energy that is already there not by energizing things but by immediately slowing down subatomic particles that already possess energy. Its all frames of reference energy that never gets transmitted because a slowing part of an atom with some specific existing velocity is going to cause strafing with other parts of that atom that maintain the former momentum or near by atoms and their subatomic particles. When a laser beam or a magnifier glass burns a hole though something it is actually slowing down atoms or parts of atoms verses the medium or mass the area affected is within. That's key to understanding why we confuse pure code photons with energy and work ,

Where do photons come from and why do they exist in the first place?  It has everything to do with Einstein's failure to relate magnetism and gravity with his complex mathematics game thinking.  I go to direct observation.   We know an electromagnetic disturbance in a medium or in a field where a gas or  particles may be present we can, ourselves generate photons . We can generate photons across a wide range of the electro magnetic spectrum at will now.  We can generate everything but gamma rays now with relative ease on demand and often by setting a number for the intensity being radiated and even direct those photons with less radiation in directions we want them to go..e.g lasers.  All we are actually doing is generating code.  Though we may require energy to do so does not mean the photons themselves posses or transmit any of that energy.  It takes an energetic state to create a magnetic disturbance or electrical resistance which is much the same thing and why we call photons electromagnetic.  They do derive from electro magnetism.  In a body of mass or a medium in any state of mater from plasma to high density solids  electro magnetism can be present.  That means that the photons are probably already acting with in.  photons are key to understanding the behavior of synapses in the brain  or key to understanding electromagnetism in general. they are dark photons that have not radiated outside of the medium.  when they reach the liminal edge of the medium they can and do radiate out into space and with the inverse square law they lose intensity with distance. with in the medium as dark photons they may also radiate but they radiate as code. This is code that tells all nearby atoms and subatomic particles about the existence and state of nearby atoms and subatomic particles.   radiation of dark photons can be happening everywhere with in the sun and stars,  It is pure code there and is constantly being regenerated from atom to atom.  If you grow crystals in some medium with or with out some electro magnetic field present  there is a sorting factor due to these communications of dark photons... this includes growing crystals in electrolysis.  where certain crystals only grow on one of the two leads positive or negative in the reaction bath.  It is true of multiple kinds of crystals growing together in the same example maybe retaliated quartz.  The complexities of DNA are all certainly about code being sent , received and regenerated to allow organisms to exist and function almost magically.  Life force ?  Electromagnetism certainly.

Dark photonic code. dark photons.   When photons leave your body or your brain...they are lost communications....maybe a brain scan can observe some of these and an interpretation can be made of brain activity...but the communication of dark phonons with in the brain as pure code are meant for direct proximities . We use photons for all of our communications including indirect ones like voice and sound. We have radio waves for television broadcasts or photons piped though fiber optics just the same.  Once you realize as I have that photons are pure code it changes your view of the cosmos and although it does not necessarily change physics or chemistry.  It adds a new level of understanding.    It does relate gravity  as acceleration and electromagnetism once it just becomes code and not energy.  The spectrum is calibrated to energy levels that's because of inputs to generate photons as we do .  The conservation of energy where infrared seems to account for  energy inputs still does not mean the energy is being actually transmitted.  code does the trick.

There is then a new formula for generating photons and accounting for energy and as it happens the photon is more of a cartoon analogy of energy and in reality  a photon has no mass, no energy, transmits no energy just code And that code interferes with existing energy, which is unseen or dark energy of momentum.    start thinking of the biblical let there be light and the big bang and well might must start out sending code or depositing momentum everywhere.  It blows that theory of a big bang up and it blows up the idea of an observable expanding universe accelerating expansion...all are just illusions and scientific analogies gone mad by extrapolation from faulty assumptions or overly elaborate schematic cartooning.


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