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What if Electrons have no mass?

I was exploring the properties of muons today and became pretty certain they have no mass in spite of various extrapolated something like 200 times that of an electron. I don't care if it is measured a 189 million times the mass of an electron...that has to be a property of the detection medium not the assumed particle. Muon degrading to an electron or positron is certainly another clue...then again the presumed mass of an electron appears to be totally medium attributable. I keep getting closer to a coding theory for the electron which makes it devoid of mass again as pure code...though it is pretty clear it sometimes has properties of mass and certainly gets qualified as mass in atomic mass but then mass is just defined as F=MA. electrons as outer most features of atoms are atomic gate keepers and probably their communicators that represent them to other atoms that are sort of like computer code where as they say to other atoms I am ionized or not ionized. I am reactive if and or if you are reactive or ionized. Atoms I am sure have to communicate to interact for chemistry. So a chemist takes two viles of separate chemicals and mixes them and voila a reaction. The chemical reaction might be instantaneous....but what about impurities in the viles? they will be inactive though maybe affected indirectly. you might dump the two chemicals together and only one thin layer interact initially with the other's most forward layer...and the reaction might stop unless you shake things up and if not it tells you that communication can instantaneously happen at a distance. by the process of elimination , if you ever find situations where electrons fail to register having mass then they probably really don't have mass in any other circumstance. process of elimination? sort of like the common denominator. If Agatha Christie buts ten people on an island and 9 of them are murdered then the survivor by process of elimination may be the murderer but not necessarily. maybe the first one murdered was a suicide....Is that how the book ends? electrons should not really have mass if ever once they seem not to....or the mass is transferred to the medium but then you realize that mass is detected with a detection medium so maybe the mass is wholly a property of the detection medium...that's the common denominator and process of elimination.


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