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The New Theory On Cancer In A Nut Shell.

It used to be that cancer researchers believed that most people if they lived long enough they would end up getting some form of cancer. That has changed today principally because of the discovery of immunotherapy.  The old idea was that as the body unravels with age cancer would or could eventually take over especially where people may have been exposed to carcinogens.   Today that is totally changed.   The new idea is that we all have cancer from the day we are born just small starts of cancer and our immune systems defend the body against it and it gets destroyed.  A cancer research told me "we all have cancer."  The new immunotherapies are working because they boost the immune system particularly in people where it has become compromised and allows the cancer or cancers to grow and establish themselves.  People with healthy immune systems have cancers but they are kept at bay.  That was all new to me.  In college a cancer researcher told me that we just live longer now and that means most of us will get some form of cancer eventually if so.   For those who are worried about vaccines and see them as dangerous it just so happens that in order to boost your immune system with the present science today your immunotherapy comes from having an infusion of what is essentially a vaccine...its a vaccination.  In the future if this all proves to be correct people will receive life cycle vaccines and most won't ever get cancer who do.


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