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Artificial Intelligence is Going to Change Everything not because it out performs human thinking but because it enables productivity never before experienced.

Warning to the world If you don't adopt using artificial intelligence you won't be able to compete. We live in dangerous times for businesses trying to survive and compete. It is not that artificial intelligence bests human intellect but that it is incredibly more persistent. I started using amazons seller visual phone recognition and it instantly improved my productivity and capacity to create new product categories. my old self without that software can't compete with my new self with it.  Businesses that want to thrive should make a point in investing in AI as soon as possible.  Not just to deploy it but to own part of the evolution of the process and to get paid for it's dissemination.  It is sort of the tale of Sears which spent a fortune on a trophy world's tallest sears tower when it could have invested in shares of Walmart instead.  The same goes for Walmart which could have invested earlier in amazon shares.  AI is going to concentrate wealth and power into  fewer hands now and worldwide.  The companies to invest in now are mostly pretty obvious.  I would not discount IBM and its large library of patents either.


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