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NEW IDEAS FOR The I-5 Columbia River Crossing Bridge Whose Time has come.

The Portland Metro area really needs three or more bridge crossing the Columbia River to end the infinite traffic jams we have. Two bridges just will never do the trick.  What we don't need is Portland foisting light rail costs over to Washington state or making a giant bike path .  ]The present I-5 bridge is old but still possible to maintain and preserve.   To do that we could put  river lowering locks under the bridge so the draw bridge would reduce the number of times the bridge would ever have to be raised.   Building a third bridge and retaining the existing bridge out between Fairview and Camas  would be a real option. it would help bypass traffic from and going out east. And the new main post office and amazon are located out in Troutdale already.

If we are going to remove the old bridge it would be nice to preserve some of its arching elements for a park that crosses or juts into the river on either side maybe moving more parts toward the shores rather than just recycling all that steel.    the concrete weights for the draw bridge would also be nice to preserve at ground level.

The proper replacement for this bridge is not just another 205 bridge like crossing. Yes it should have at least 6 lanes for interstate five going in both directions but it should also have to extra service roads one connecting the old interstate road in Portland to local roads in Vancouver.  One of these service roads going in both directions. rather than raising the bridge level that lowering lock system can be put below the bridge to serve the same function.  The bridge should also retain its pedestrian bike path on one or both sides bringing the total lanes to 9 or ten total. That is one wide bridge !  But it serves to connect Vancouver to Portland for all uses including buses and keeps some of the old local ambience . keeping the old bridge for pedestrians and bikes is another option reducing the number of lanes just 8 , six freeway lanes and 2 local service roads.  These are new ideas the politicians wont even consider because they really like keep traffic jammed.  That keeps Vancouver residents shopping in Vancouver and it keeps Portlanders from saving taxes in the old Vancouver bed room community there.   The politicians be damned lets get  a Trump administration by pass on the design for any federal highway funding available  so we don't get a toll bridge though we could have a special toll express lane that is voluntary.


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