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What Exactly is Environmental "Sustainability?"

When ever you read or hear anyone using the catch term 'sustainability" What is  it exactly that they mean?   Reality is that we humans have lived sustainably in many different ways over millennia here on earth.  There really is no example of a time or place where any one lived unsustainably.  We can use wood fire stoves to heat and cook for the rest of time. It is completely sustainable.  We can use oil and gas  and coal probably just as long as we keep looking and keep finding more.  I have been to Rome Italy and its surrounding areas and know darn well that what was once a great ancient city is sustainably buried under farms and fields in some places and newer city buildings in most others.  Rome apparently was sustainable and so was what used to be there before the ancient city was built.  The reality is everything we humans can do is pretty much sustainable. No need for fake declarations of  climate emergencies mandated by the legislature of Oregon for cities in the state.   The only thing that is sustainable about environmental sustainability is that it is usually just a big pack of lies that is sustainable.   Yes the official lies are must sustainable with effective propaganda.   They start it in the public schools before k-12 and then take it to the PHd level.  Sustainable lies.

When you have to argue with some idiot telling you he or she has a plan for sustainability ask them what they think it is.    It does not mater what they say just  tell them that  The only thing that is really sustainable about what your saying is being dead.  Being dead is sustainable.  Most sustainable.  Most of the time what ever they are talking about being the new sustainable way is not sustainable.


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