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Why You Switch Your Social Network From Facebook To Linkedin. Get All Your Friends To Move With You. The Sooner The Better.

Today Facebook repeatedly destroyed my first amendment right to post an article of my choice on their site saying it was against community standards. You can try doing it to with this link:  This is unbelievable to me. I have not even read the whole site nor do I know who the original poster is ...but how can it be against community standards to talk about bribery , kick backs and graft?  Sure facebook will need to pay off Elizabeth Warren if she should become president....

Facebook not only abuses your first amendment rights they limit your access to communicate and you are not aware of it. Your posts may not be open to the public and you don't know it. Your posts may not even be open to your online Facebook friends  They burry anything they want to for any reason or by robo censors or people in call like centers in india or china where they don't actually understand English.  Satire is regularly removed by the robo censors. I commented Heil Hitler in regards to a picture of Hillary Clinton and Facebook froze my right to post on my own account for three days!  There  is something wrong with that. Facebook is not an open platform for my communications or for yours.  Don't ever question climate change based on actual physics or other facts because they can automatically label your articles as fake news and then target it as removable.  You probably can never , without a major lawsuit , have your facebook page removed but you can let it go dormant for good.  Move to LinkedIn and have your friends move. It works better now in many respects with less interference so far from Microsoft....not sure Microsoft can be trusted in the long run but at the moment it is the better social network for you and your friends.

Other reasons to leave facebook is how they data harvest you  

They actually may have labeled me a white supremist for satirically saying Heil Hitler . I certainly no such thing but they are in to data catagogery. For some reason I now get kicked off my server by facebook when I say something forbidden...not sure how they do that?


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