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Putting Quantum Entanglement To Use With A Patent Application That Will Allow Flying Cars and Floating Cities in the Air.

I am in the process of patenting a real use for Quantum Entanglement that allows for flying cars and cities that float in the air like in so many different science fiction movies .  Yes really.  Flying cars and trains, and buildings and even people with a simple back back flying / floating in the atmosphere here on earth.  Have you ever ridden a bicycle?  If you make a sharp turn banking the bike you can lean in to the curve with the bike tilted and not fall of. Your center of gravity shifts with your angular momentum.  I called it dimensional expansion when I first started thinking about it but then later realized  there had to be an invisible counter weight or my bike would tip over and I would hit the ground hurting myself.  Invisible?  That's not how the physics books describe what happens.  That did not bother me. I was writing my own physics books including the New Laws of Physics by Lex Loeb and Gravity is Hot.  My study is even more advanced now.  Spooky action at a distance or Quantum Entanglement now provide me with a somewhat more accepted version of my invisible counterweight.   Dismiss it as you please. Describe it as  a force vector that balances the bike with angular momentum but then relax your sense of lack of amazement and be amazed. 

The patent is relatively simple To use an orbiting satellite , even the moon for the quantum mechanical entanglement kinetic computer server farm...  It might have to go on geocentric position satellites but they might have to have a lot of mass to counter balance cities in the air and tens of millions of automobiles and people flying with back packs?  That is one reason it might have to end up on the moon to facilitate the process.   How does it work exactly?  Say I want to  bank by bicycle and counter balance it with a digital code on mass in a facility on the moon instead of  being right there on the bike riding it.  Then I don't need to be the rider and the bike can bank  and be counter balanced just by sending the entanglement code.....and the distance does not actually mater but the calibration of the instrument has to be such that the motion of the earth verses the moon and the one passing behind the other are compensated for. 

So next, unlike most present day quantum entanglement experiments when laser light is played with mostly .  we set up an experiment on the space station or a satellite to prove that a kinetic motion on the satellite  can instantaneously be sent by signal to something identical on earth.  Another way to prove it might be to see an earthquake on the earth happens simultaneously on the surface of the moon.   The trick to kinetic entanglement is to be able to observe both distant places at one time.  Instead of antigravity which you see when a star wars flying car goes by in the movie is that there is a computer simulation on in the moon where mass there is the counter balance to the earth's gravity.    That is a big difference between concepts of mechanical anti gravity and remote counter balance quantum entanglement.  What It means is having the energy source possibly from solar paneling up on the moon to counterbalance everything  as intended on the earth  at a distance.  When you see the science fiction movies all these flying things make that weird noise that makes them fly.  In reality it would be completely quiet unless you have aerodynamic issues  or create baffles like structural whistles to carry a sound when air is interfered with.  The earth's atmosphere is a variable to worry about but much heavier objects than can fly would be able to get off the ground  but they would not necessarily be wind proof.  design for cars might have to have some aero dynamic design and displacement of air by masses hovering in the atmosphere is also an issue.  perhaps air it self can be counter balanced in the simulation too.


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